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Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa visit injured soldier after Waldhaff accident

On 15 February, Grand Duke Henri received Minister of Defence François Bausch and General Alain Duschène at the Grand Ducal Palace following the Waldhaff accident.

On 14 February, a 48kg bomb exploded in the military camp at Waldhaff according to Luxembourg prosecutor’s office: “Around 10:30 this morning an explosion took place in a hangar of the military camp at Waldhof. At that moment four people were inside the hangar and were handling an artillery shell. Following the explosion, two people died. Two other people had to be hospitalised. One of them is in critical condition.”

Grand Duke Henri received a briefing on the health conditions of the two hospitalised sergeants and on the first information that the investigators were able to obtain about the circumstances of the accident. The two deceased sergeants were 48 and 39, and they will be buried next week in their local communities after a commemoration ceremony at the military camp. Commemorative plaques will be unveiled at the camp to thank the sergeants for their service. They both were bomb disposal experts, and they were preparing the 48kg bomb for its transfer to Belgium to be neutralised. The two injured sergeants were not involved in the operation but had just arrived at the hangar to collect equipment. There were no other individuals in the building.

After the audience with the Minister of Defence and the Chief of Staff of the Army, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa went to the hospital to visit one of the two injured soldiers. After the accident, the Grand Ducal Couple had already expressed their condolences and support to the victims and their families through a short statement: “His Royal Highness the Grand Duke, Head of the Army, is appalled and deeply touched by the tragic incident of the day which cost the lives of two non-commissioned officers of the Luxembourg army in the exercise of their mission and seriously injured two others. The Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess are in thoughts with the victims, their families and their loved ones. They share their suffering and pay tribute to the dedication of these four soldiers. It is with great emotion that they offer their condolences to the families and loved ones who are severely affected by this misfortune that affects the entire nation.”