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A brand new line of succession in Luxembourg as 2024 gets under way

A birth is always a happy occasion, but when it happens in a royal family, it is also a source of some changes, especially when it comes to the succession line. 

This was the case in Luxembourg, where the birth of Prince Balthazar caused a shift down the succession line for Princess Alexandra, who is expecting a child in the spring, and Prince Sébastien. 

Prince Louis and his two children, who should precede Princess Alexandra, lost their rights to the succession following his 2006 wedding to Tessy Antony which was not recognised by the Grand Duke. His sons became HRH and princes but remain outside the line of succession.  

By decree of Grand Duke Henri in 2011, which instituted absolute primogeniture, Prince Balthazar does not take the spot of his older sister, Princess Amalia.

So the new succession line is as follows: 

1.Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

2. Prince Charles

3. Prince Francois

4. Prince Felix

5. Princess Amalia

6. Prince Liam

7. Prince Balthazar

8. Princess Alexandra

9. Prince Sebastien

Another change for Prince Sébastien is expected to happen in the spring, when Princess Alexandra is due to give birth to her first child, which will arrive roughly a year after she married Nicholas Bagory, a French social and cultural projects worker, on the 29th of April 2023. It will mean that the ten people in line to the throne of Grand Duke Henri are all his direct descendants.