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Queen Mary back on duty after holidays

Queen Mary returned to royal duties on Monday, presenting the prestigious research prizes to a new crop of researchers in Copenhagen.

Continuing on with a duty she carried out as Crown Princess, the Queen arrived at the Queen’s Hall at Den Sorte Diamant in Copenhagen to help present five educational prizes and 18 scholarships to PhD students through the Ministry of Education and Research’s EliteForsk awards.

The five winners are Mads Albertsen, who works to trace the DNA inside bacteria to understand illnesses; Peter Dalsgaard, who works to explain human creativity in the time of artificial intelligence; Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, who researches how people move and how much of a right people have to move and travel the world; Amelia-Elena Rotaru, who studies a subsect of microorganisms; and Irene Tamborra, who researches what happens inside dying stars.

Each winner received 1.2 million Danish kroners as a prize, which is split as 1 million for research activities and 200,000 as a personal prize. Each scholarship prize is 200,000 Danish kroners.

The Danish Royal Family have been on holidays for the past few weeks, returning to duties over the weekend.

On Friday, King Frederik attended a peace service at Holmens Church to mark the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine; meanwhile, it was confirmed over the weekend that Princess Benedikte will represent the Danish royals at a service of thanksgiving for the late King Constantine II at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on Tuesday.

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