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Queen Ingrid of Denmark`s honorary scholarship given out for last time during unique royal celebration

Since 2005, Queen Ingrid of the Denmark`s honorary scholarship has been given out by the Danish Queen’s three daughters. Now it is over.

On March 27th 2022, the scholarship was awarded for the final time during a very special concert at Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen. All Queen Ingrid’s three daughters were present; Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Queen Anne Marie of Greece and Princess Benedikte of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

The special concert was performed through halls and rooms in all four parts of Amalaienborg Castle. Everything was broadcast live on the Danish TV channel TV2. As the last light and sound tests were carried out in Christian IX’s Palace, Queen Margrethe, Princess Benedict and Queen Anne-Marie participated in a dress rehearsal. The Majesties and Her Royal Highness reviewed the show’s various elements with the team behind the show which was given the title “The Palaces Dancing”.

Since March 25th 2022, a TV team worked to transform the Knights’ Hall in Christian IX’s Palace into a studio where LED screens, several cameras, advanced sound equipment and a specially built stage create the special setting for the performance, which aimed to show the audience and TV viewers Amalienborgs four mansions in a new way. The basic idea for ” The Palaces Dancing ” was Queen Ingrid`s.

Amalienborg’s four mansions was experienced in a completely new way. The mother of the three sisters, Queen Ingrid, had a special desire to let the knights’ halls of the four mansions form the setting for their respective concerts. This became a reality on Sunday when there was a premiere of four ballet pieces, where former recipients of the Queen Ingrid’s Honorary Scholarship danced, sang and played music in the historic halls.

The ballet pieces were choreographed by soloist and choreographer Tobias Praetorius, and the music was arranged by composer Alexander McKenzie.

At Sundays performance, Queen Ingrid’s three daughters gave out for the tenth and final Honorary Scholarship. Every other year since 2005, the honorary scholarship has been awarded to younger artists in dance and music, and the last recipients of the scholarship wwere as ballet dancer Emma Riis-Kofoed and Swedish violinist Johan Dalene.

Queen Ingrid of Denmark was born in 1910 at Stockholm Castle as Princess of Sweden. She was the Queen of Denmark as the spouse of Frederik IX from 1947 to 1972. The Danish Queen died in 2000.

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