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Princess Marie takes up cause of removing landmines

On 4 April, DanChurchAid announced that Princess Marie would take part in their campaign against landmines.

DanChurchAid is a Christian association working all over the world to support the poorest and provide emergency relief and long-term development aid, hence why removing landmines is one of their leading causes.

They insist on the fact that landmines are weapons of war but they actually hurt after the wars because they injure civilians -often children- who have no idea that they are walking around landmines and unexploded munition:  “Many children currently live in places where landmines, cluster bombs and other dangerous war crimes are being thrown out as a host to the enemy. But often it’s the civilians who are hit in peacetime when they are heading for water, at work, in the field, or in the midst of a football match. Every month more than 700 people are killed or mutilated by unexploded munitions worldwide. “

DanChurchAid also teaches children about what is a landmine: “Teaching is also an important component because children want to pick things up and do not know how dangerous it can be. Using drawings and stories, children get a knowledge of how to commit themselves to minimising the risk of harm.”

In the video, Princess Marie talks about the importance of removing landmines: “DanChurchAid is focusing on the important work of clearing mines. Every year, more than 2000 people die from landmines and unexploded ammunition. But mines do not kill people only. Landmines maintain millions of men in poverty and prevent reconstruction and development. Landmines make it impossible to cultivate the earth and thus provide food to thousands of families. Landmines prevent children from giving safe to and from school. They prevent children from playing freely and just being children.

“That is why I support the efforts of the DanChurchAid in removing land mines with the victims and the teaching of how to avoid landmines.”

DanChurchAid has been fighting against landmines for 30 years, and they are currently working in South Sudan, Lebanon, Libya and Congo. However, a trip by Princess Marie in one of these countries is not planned for now as those four countries are considered to be too dangerous to visit.

Princess Marie has been the patron of DanChurchAid since 2009 and has taken part in several of their campaigns, including their ongoing campaign against hunger in several African countries.