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Princess Marie attends Stop Wasting Food dinner

On November 13th, Princess Marie attended the Stop Wasting Food Dinner in Copenhagen.

The International Stop Wasting Food Dinner was hosted by Selina Juul and the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Denmark Henk Swarttouw to support the fight against food waste. In addition to Princess Marie, guests included the Danish Minister for Environment and Food Jakob Ellemann-Jensen and high-level leaders from organisations and businesses.

The dinner was hosted by the Dutch Ambassador to Denmark as it was his idea, he said to TV2 Lorry before the dinner: “Too much food is wasted in the world. Over 33 percent of all food produced is wasted, so I would very much like to help raise awareness about this problem and support the fight. That is why I have chosen to become an ambassador of the Stop Wasting Food Movement.”

The dinner consisted of a menu made out of surplus food and prepared by Dutch chef Lucas Jeffries – who works at the InStock restaurant which fights against food waste- and Danish chef Martin Jacobsen – who works at the Kadeau and the Nabo restaurants. The guests were invited to take the leftovers home in biodegradable boxes. Princess Marie had the opportunity to see them cook after her arrival.

About the guests attending, Selina Juul said: “The people who come here for dinner, they are all very relevant to the agenda. They did not only came because they are famous and to eat some nice food. They came because they all have a relationship with the fight against food waste.”

Princess Marie has been very involved in the fight against food waste, and she is the Patron of the Better Food For More People – World Summit. Recently, she visited the Danish FoodBank, and she also hosted ten school children in her private home to teach them about food waste last January. The hope is to make this dinner an annual tradition with a different embassy hosting each year to put even more focus on the important fight against food waste.