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Prince Nikolai of Denmark won’t return to university this term

Photo: Steen Brogaard/Kongehuset

As coronavirus restrictions continue to change in Denmark, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella have gone back to school. However, their cousin, Prince Nikolai, won’t be able to resume his studies again before autumn. Danish media reported that the university education of Queen Margrethe’s eldest grandchild is on hold for the summer months because of the pandemic.

Prince Nikolai is, at the moment, studying at Copenhagen Business School but because of the coronavirus situation, he cannot yet return to everyday physical meetings of teachers and students at the Copenhagen Business School. Earlier this month the school sent out a message, saying that it would not be until August that the campus could reopen following the coronavirus crisis.

Copenhagen Business School. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Nikolaj Malchow Møller, principal at the school, said in a statement: “At Copenhagen Business School, we are in the situation where we can conduct teaching and exams without physically being on campus. We therefore stick to the decision that teaching and exams at Copenhagen Business School will take place online for the rest of the semester. However, as part of the new government plan for the reopening of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School will follow a gradual reopening of more and more activities in the months to come.”

It was officially confirmed by the Danish Royal House’s Head of Communications on 10 October 2018, that Prince Nikolai of Denmark had given up his two-year military training at the Royal Danish Army’s Sergeant School. He would become a Lieutenant of the Reserve had His Highness concluded his training with the military. A short time after, in 2019, the Prince started his education at the Copenhagen Business School.

The younger brother of Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, will be back at school on Wednesday this week. Prince Felix and his classmates have been receiving home-education for the last two months. The 17 years old Prince will this week attend the Old Hellerup Gymnasium, in northern Copenhagen. Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra’s youngest son is in the 2nd grade at the High School in the municipality of Gentofte.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic was first confirmed to have spread to Denmark on 27 February 2020. As of 24 May 2020, there have been 11,360 confirmed cases and 562 people deaths.

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