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Mauboussin planning on creating wedding tiara inspired by Princess Marie’s Nuits Claires tiara

Alain Nemarq, the CEO of Mauboussin – the French jewellery house who designed Princess Marie’s new Nuits Claires tiara – gave an interview to a French TV show earlier this month where he talked more about their aim to make luxury jewels more accessible to everyone as well as creating a tiara for Princess Marie.

Mauboussin is aiming to create a new line for weddings based on Princess Marie’s tiara. Princess Marie’s Nuits Claires tiara is one of a kind and loaned exclusively to her, but the jeweller plans to create smaller replicas of the tiara for weddings. While Alain Nemarq didn’t want to say the price of Princess Marie’s tiara, he said that the wedding tiaras could be priced at around €15000. Obviously, it is still expensive, but even probably way cheaper than the royal diadem.

Alain Nemarq explained which modifications they would make to the original design of the Nuits Claires tiara: “We would open up the bouquet of flowers, creating more space, letting them live, using fewer materials thus reducing the price. Taking off the main sapphire would also help reduce the price obviously.” Indeed, the Nuits Claires tiara is made of white gold, with 13,35 carats of diamonds and 13,58 carats of sapphires, and at its centre, a pear-shaped Ceylan sapphire of 6,82 carats.

© Courtesy of Maison Mauboussin

When the interviewer asked if maybe the tiara wouldn’t be too ” empty “, Alain Nemarq said:” If I design a royal tiara, the tiara would be getting married, not you. I want you to feel free on your wedding day, free to wear something that celebrates the magnitude of the ceremony instead of crushing it.”

He said that Princess Marie agrees with the Maison’s philosophy to make luxury jewels more accessible: “If she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t have worn the tiara. She wanted to have the feeling of being connected with her time, she loves the idea of being like the people.”

Princess Marie attended the opening of the new Mauboussin store in Paris on December 13th so we can no doubt expect more from the collaboration between the French jewellery house and the French-born Danish Princess.