Danish royals attend first New Year’s reception

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, alongside Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie hosted New Year’s celebrations at their home, Amalienborg on the 1st of January.

Queen Margrethe II hosted the party. She was not joined by her husband Prince Henrik, who retired from public duties in 2016 and has since been diagnosed with dementia.

The party is intended for governmental officials as well as members of the Royal Court.

Several senior governmental ministers attended the celebration including Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, as well as the Minister’s for Justice, Finance, Defence, Business, among others, as well as army officials.

Government officials were also joined by leading figures of Copenhagen. Including the Chief of Police, the rector of Copenhagen University

Crown Prince Frederik wore the uniform of the Danish military which was accompanied by a traditional ceremonial sabre.

The Royal House has welcomed in the new year for centuries while wishing happiness and prosperity on the Kingdom.

The menu for the party included Scallops, Quail and truffle sauce and Rubinstein Cake which is a traditional Danish cake first made in 1907 in connection with a visit from composer Anon Rubenstein.

In the UK, The Queen is famous for her Christmas Day Speech which tops Christmas TV Broadcasts. In Denmark, the Danish Queen’s speech is at the start of the New Year celebrations. On 31 December at 6 PM, New Year’s parties pause to listen to Queen Margrethe II annual speech. Over 2 million people usually tune in to watch Queen Margrethe II deliver her annual address.

She highlighted the importance of family in day-to-day life, as well as the importance of all vocations within Denmark. Further to that, she talked about news from the Faroe Islands and Greenland. She also praised those who worked over Christmas and New Years including the Police, the Army and other emergency services.

Another reception will take place today.