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Danish doctors consult with French doctors following Prince Joachim’s operation

Photo: Steen Brogaard/Kongehuset

According to the Danish news agency «DR», doctors from Denmark have been in contact with the doctors in Toulouse in France who are currently treating Prince Joachim. There have been several reports about contact between Danish and French doctors in this case after Prince Joachim needed emergence brain surgery last week.

At the same time, more details emerge of the dramatic moment the Danish queen’s youngest son fell ill. According to DR, the Prince was at the wine castle in Cayx when he had to be rushed to the local hospital in Cahors. Here the doctors decided that the prince should quickly proceed by ambulance to the region’s best and France’s second-best hospital, the University Hospital in Toulouse, where he underwent surgery immediately after his hospitalization.

The treatment of a blood clot in the brain is blood-thinning medicine. However, since the Royal Court itself states that Prince Joachim has undergone surgery, Danish media speculated that he had probably been treated with a so-called thrombectomy. During a thrombectomy, a catheter is inserted via the groin and the carotid artery to the arteries of the brain, where the blood clot is sucked out or removed.

Thus, there is almost no doubt that this was a large blood clot as only the large ones are treated with a thrombectomy. In addition, it may indicate that a month-long rehabilitation awaits the Prince.

The Royal Court does not currently have any further information on the state of Prince Joachim, but it is Her Majesty The Queen’s wish that the family can have some peace during the hospitalization. Princess Marie is with her husband at the hospital in Toulouse.

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