Danish artist will erect a four-meter-high bust of the Queen Margrethe

By Johannes Jansson/, CC BY 2.5 dk,

A Danish sculptor-artist, Jim Lyngvild, is planning to erect a four-meter-high bust of the Queen Margrethe. He will also make the bust in a smaller format which will be available to buy

Designer and artist Jim Lyngvild is known as a devoted Danish royalist. He has created so much art dedicated to the royal family. Next year he will gather much of this art in one single exhibition, and the four-meter-high bust will be the centrepiece of the exhibition. The exhibition is a story about the entire Danish royal family from King Gorm who lived in the 900s up to the current monarch, Queen Margrethe.

Details from the 3D sketch of the bust. Photo: Joachim Jensen`s press release.

“Actually, I make it because I am a royalist to my fingertips and love our royal family and think they are so excellent. We have a queen who is the most amazing representative of this country, so it started out as a tribute to her, ”says Jim Lyngvild to the Danish newspaper BT.

Jim Lyngvild has now published a 3D sketch of the bust in collaboration with the graphic artist Joachim Jensen. The plan is that in addition to the version of the four meters bust, a smaller, glass fibre version of just 70 cm will also be made so that people can buy one to have in their home. He expects that the smaller edition will cost about 1,500 Danish crowns, about 140 British pound or 175 US dollars. Several hundred have already announced their interest in buying a smaller version of the bust. All the money goes to charity, said the artist.

Details from the 3D sketch of the bust. Photo: Joachim Jensen`s press release.

The project has already received much praise, both from followers on social media and the Danish art historian Thyge Christian Fønss-Lundberg who has sent his words of support to the designer. The positive reception also means that more busts are being considered. The artist says that if the bust is well received he will strongly consider to make two more four-meters-high busts of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.

Jim Lyngvild’s exhibition will open in 2020, the same year that the Queen turns 80-years-old.

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