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Crown Prince Frederik sports Major General cap for the first time as he attends spectacular military anniversary parade

By Mogens Engelund - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Crown Prince Frederik closed his workweek attending the annual Anniversary Parade for the Royal Life Guard at their Barracks in Copenhagen. 

On Friday, 8 October, the heir to the Danish throne made the journey to Rosenborg Castle, one of the two garrisons for the Royal Life Guards. 

The regiment was founded on 30 June 1658 by King Frederik III to offer protection to the King as head of state and also be a regiment in the Danish Army, both of which roles they have kept to this day. 

With its founding in 1658, the regiment celebrates its 363rd anniversary this year, and being established on 30 June, the traditional anniversary parade is usually held on that date. However, due to health safety restrictions, it had to be postponed and took place on Friday. 

Following the parade, Crown Prince Frederik gave a speech for the soldiers, during which he congratulated the soldiers on their anniversary and for the relentless work they do everyday in protecting the country. 

Crown Prince Frederik was wearing the green army uniform and, for the first time, the cap he received when he was promoted to Major General in April 2015. This is not an occasion he usually attends, as this is primarily Queen Margarethe’s duty, but because Her Majesty is on an official trip to Greenland (which, too, had to be postponed due to health safety concerns), her heir took her place. 

The Royal Life Guards are split between two headquarters: one in Rosenborg Castle, where Friday’s ceremony took place, and the other in Høvelte, a halt in the Greater Copenhagen area. 

As it is true with many royals, especially heirs to the throne, Crown Prince Frederik received extensive military training during his youth and has held a strong bond with the military world ever since, continuing his career through the ranks.