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Crown Prince Frederik represents his mother at the consecration of new Bishop

As he continues to act as regent following his mother’s recent back surgery, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark attended the consecration of a new bishop. 

On Palm Sunday, 2 April, the heir to the Danish throne travelled to Odense, west of Copenhagen, to watch as Mads Davidsen was made a Bishop for the Diocese of Funen. 

The service took place in Odense’s Cathedral, and the Crown Prince was photographed entering and exiting the church, as well as sitting in the front row for the duration of the service. 

The Mass began with the traditional procession of Bishops. Mads Davidsen was at the back of the procession and was wearing the typical white priest garments. However, for the final procession, while exiting the Cathedral, Mr Davidsen was at the front of the row and was wearing the vestments typical of a bishop. 

The Danish Royal Court shared the news on Instagram, with a post highlighting the coincidence of Palm Sunday with the birth date of Odense native Hans Christian Andersen, the renowned fairytale writer. 

This comes as Crown Prince Frederik is still acting as regent. He undertook this role on 22 February, when his mother, Queen Margrethe II, underwent a scheduled surgery on her back, described as “extensive.” 

The surgery went well, but the recovery is taking longer than expected, resulting in the cancellation of some engagements for May and June. 

The Danish Royal Court, however, announced that the Queen should be retaking her role back, coinciding with her 83rd birthday on 16 April. This does not mean she will be back to her usual full agenda, as she will continue to take it slow and give her body a chance to recover. 

Normally, the consecration of new bishops are events that Queen Margrethe II attends, sometimes accompanied by her sister, Princess Benedikte. The fact that Crown Prince Frederik attended means that Her Majesty has selected her older son to represent her, giving even more weight to his title of regent.