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Crown Prince Frederik cheers Danish football team before first game without Christian Eriksen

By Mogens Engelund - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Crown Prince Frederik has visited the training centre for the Danish football team ahead of their second European Championships match against Belgium. The game will take place at Parken, the Danish Stadium. 

Crown Prince Frederik visited the players at their training headquarters in Elsinore, and he praised the team’s actions during the difficult times they faced during their match against Finland and cheered them on for their future in the championships. 

This will be the Danish team’s second match for this European Championships and the first after player Christian Eriksen’s health scare. 

The footballer suddenly fell ill on the pitch, requiring immediate CPR and hospitalisation. His teammates displayed amazing group solidarity, covering Eriksen from cameras and supporting each other. 

Since then, Mr Eriksen has released a picture on Instagram thanking fans for their support and saying that, despite still being hospitalised, he feels much better. 

The Danish team has released regular health updates and has thanked fans for their support, not only of Eriksen and his family but also for the rest of the team. 

Doctors still haven’t made an official diagnosis, and the player remains hospitalised for further tests. 

After collapsing on the pitch, Christian Eriksen was brought to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen – the hospital closest to the stadium.

It’s also been confirmed that Crown Prince Frederik would be present for the match Denmark will play against Belgium and will be accompanied by his son, Prince Christian, and his nephews, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix.

Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix are the children of Prince Joachim and Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg. Unlike their father and the rest of his family (Princess Marie, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena), Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix both still live in Denmark, where Prince Nikolai is studying Business Administration and Service Management at Copenhagen Business School and Prince Felix is undergoing military training at Danish Royal Military Academy. Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and their children moved to Paris in 2019.