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Annual report released for Danish Royal House

The Royal Danish House released its Annual Report for 2017 late last week, outlining the activities of the Danish Royal Family.

There was a deficit of 2.8 million krone, which the Royal House says “can be attributed to the extraordinary expenses of the Royal Danish House incurred during the past year,” and the debt was carried over into net capital.

Queen Margrethe – or in her absence, Crown Prince Frederik – received 1,231 citizens in audiences at Christiansborg Palace for appointments, retirements, receiving an order, or receiving a medal.

In addition, “The Queen received, in all, 36 foreign ambassadors, who presented their credentials,” and received 19 ambassadors in farewell audiences before their terms ended.

Queen Margrethe undertook several cruises aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog over the summer. Per the Royal House, the Royal Yacht “has played an important role in the visibility of the monarchy throughout the country by making it possible for the monarch and the royal family to arrive in numerous Danish ports.”

The Queen hosted two State Visits in 2017, with the Icelandic Presidential Couple and with the Belgian King and Queen. Queen Margrethe made her 53rd overseas visit when she travelled to Ghana in November.

The Annual Report also focused on the work of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, noting their official visits to Sweden, China and Japan. Prince Joachim’s trip to Nepal with CARE Denmark was highlighted, as was Princess Marie’s trip to Greenland for Autism Denmark. Princess Benedikte’s visit to India with the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts was mentioned as well.

Queen Margrethe’s income from the Civil List (and other income) was listed as totalling 83,219,510 krone; the Crown Prince Couple’s total income (from the Parliamentary Annuity and other income) was recorded as totalling 19,866,731 krone; and Prince Joachim received a total of 3,488,252 krone from the Civil List.

Read the entire Annual Report here.

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