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A game of two halves for royal fans as the Women’s World Cup continues

The Women’s World Cup has taken over Europe’s royal families, with the Prince of Wales and the crown Prince and Princess of Denmark sharing their support for their home teams.

Crown Princess Mary appeared on the Danish Royal Family’s Instagram account with her face painted with Danish flags. “We cheer from ‘Top Over’ and all the way ‘Down Under’, when the match against Australia starts at the World Cup.

“Come on Denmark ⚽️??.”

The caption was signed by the Crown Prince and Princess, and featured Grace, their border collie. Even though Crown Princess Mary is originally from Australia, she has previously said that if the two countries face each other in sporting games, she roots for Denmark.

Denmark would later lose 2-0 against the Australian team.

Meanwhile, Prince William tweeted after England’s Lionesses beat the Nigerian team 4-2: “Well done @Lionesses!  It was hard-fought but now we’re on to the quarter-finals. Good luck ⚽️.”

England will play the winners of the Colombia/Jamaica match.

The Spanish and Dutch Royal Families might see friendly competition on 11 August when their teams compete against each other. Sweden is also still in the competition, playing against Japan.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is taking place in Australia and New Zealand and has reached the quarter final stage. The final will be played on 20 August in Sydney, Australia.  

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