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Crown Prince Family of Denmark attends annual Hubertus Hunt

Bits of sunshine and cool weather greeted Denmark’s capital and the arrival of the Danish Royal Family to one of the country’s most highlighted autumn events. The anticipated Hubertus Hunt took place over the weekend with attendance and participation into the masses as per usual for the event.

Hunting season in Denmark reaches a climatic peak every year during the first Sunday of November in its annual Hubertus Hunt. Held just north of the capital of Copenhagen at Deer Park in Klampenborg, the event is host to 40,000 spectators. Nearly 160 riders participate in the event.

Mounted on horseback, these riders commemorate the end of hunting season with a woodsy chase while fox tails show them the way to start. Thirty-five obstacles await the riders to which the victorious champion is awarded the Hubertus chain for the accomplishment of the mighty feat.

Denmark’s very own Crown Prince Family was on hand this past Sunday to enjoy the festivities of the hunt, including Crown Prince Frederik and wife Crown Prince Mary along with their children Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine. Prince Christian was not present for the event. For the Danish Royal Family, the attending of the Hubertus Hunt is one of much tradition, the family having spent their time likewise in numerous years past.

The Royal Family arrived to stay at Eremitage Castle where they watched the hunt from its two balconies and were served many delectable treats. The entire family seemed to be in a jovial mood enjoying all that the festive day had to offer. The children were equally pleased with the opportunity for a ride via karettur. The delightful horse-drawn carriage ride home following the day’s events was enjoyed by all.

Crown Princess Mary was on hand following the hunt to deliver Mary’s Honorary Prize to Lotte Vinzent Holm, winner along with the horse named Heartbreaker.