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Crown Prince Alexander congratulates Donald Trump

Yesterday, Royal Central reported that Prince Albert of Monaco had sent his congratulations to Donald Trump after he won the United States presidential election earlier in November. However, he was not the first royal to congratulate Mr Trump. Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Yugoslavia sent his congratulations to President-elect Trump the day after the election was over on 9 November.

Melania Trump, the future First Lady of the United States, was born in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia) in 1970.

Crown Prince Alexander wrote in his letter of congratulations:

I warmly congratulate Donald Trump on being elected the next President of the United States, following the hard-fought campaign.

I also congratulate Donald Trump for saying, ‘Now it’s time to bind the wounds of division. I say to Democrats and Republicans it is time come together as one united people.’

I am certain that our two countries, Serbia and the United States, will work together under the leadership of our Prime Minister and that of Donald Trump to seek common ground and partnership for the common good of our people.

Ivana Trump, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia. Photo: The Royal Palace Belgrade.

Ivana Trump, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia. Photo: The Royal Palace Belgrade.

Crown Prince Alexander is the son of Peter II, the last king of Yugoslavia. The Crown Prince has, since the Cold War ended, worked to restore the monarchy in Serbia and has a high status among the Serbian people today. Crown Prince Alexander has prioritised to improve health care for the Serbian people.

At the beginning of October, the Crown Prince and his wife, Crown Princess Katherine were present in New York. There they hosted a charity lunch that they have held annually for six years. All funds collected go to improving the treatment of cancer patients in Serbia. Among the many prominent guests at this lunch was Donald Trump’s former wife, Ivana Trump and Kerry Kennedy, the late President John F. Kennedy’s niece.

In October there was also a royal wedding in the Serbian Royal Family when Prince Michael married Ljubica Ljubisavljevic. Prince Michael is Crown Prince Alexander’s cousin.

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