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Surprise! The Duchess of Brabant joins her father King Philippe on visit to firefighters of Brussels

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has unexpectedly joined her father, King Philippe on a visit to the firefighters of Brussels. The Duchess of Brabant seemed very interested and asked a lot of questions such as “Are there also many women here?”

King Philippe of Belgium was scheduled to visit the firefighter formation centre on Friday morning. Surprisingly, he showed up alongside his daughter, Princess Elisabeth. The first in line to the throne was casually dressed in jeans, red sweater and white sneakers. King Philippe wore his usual formal suit.

Princess Elisabeth seemed to be very interested in the work and demonstrations of the firefighters. After meeting only male firefighters, the Princess asked: “Are there also many women here?” She was told that the new generation of firefighters contains a lot more women than in the past. She also asked the firefighters about the big fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

After being shown what kind of tests the firefighters have to pass while in training, it was time for action for Princess Elisabeth. The King and his daughter were given special coats to wear as a safety measure. The 17-year-old extinguished a small fire while mastering the fire hose by herself. In addition, she also helped a “wounded” man by applying a compression bandage.

King Philippe looked on as his daughter seemed very comfortable talking to the firefighters and the staff. The Duchess of Brabant is currently in Belgium for the Easter holidays. Next week she’ll return to Wales to finish her year at the Atlantic College.

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Princess Elisabeth does not undertake many official engagements. Each year, she joins her siblings as they attend the festivities of the National Day (21 July) and the annual Christmas Concert. Elisabeth will turn 18 this October; nevertheless, she is not expected to undertake many official engagements. The King and Queen have announced the Princess will not receive her allowance from the age of 18 but only after she finishes her education.

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