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Princess Delphine requests Belgian government grant her same rights as siblings

Princess Delphine of Belgium has written to the Belgian government to request they grant her the same rights as two of her older half-siblings.

The Princess wrote a letter to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to express her displeasure about her treatment. The letter was written after King’s Day, which takes place on 15 November, when Delphine was not invited to attend.

Delphine, who is King Albert II’s daughter from an extramarital affair, is concerned about her official role within the Belgian Royal Family.

Her attorney, Marc Uyttendaele, said: “She has been concerned about her role in official events for months.”

Uyttendaele added: “It strikes her that she is only invited to a few, such as July 21 (the national holiday, ed.) and the tribute to the deceased members of the royal family. But even there, she is treated differently than her brother and sister, Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid.”

According to the letter that was seen by the Belgian press, Princess Delphine approached the cabinet of her eldest sibling, King Philippe, twice about the issue but was told to speak to the federal government. Her solicitor pointed out the 2020 Brussels Court of Appeal’s decision that said Delphine should be “on the same footing” as King Albert’s other children.

It was argued that Delphine doesn’t court controversy but that she can no longer ignore press questions: “The situation becomes untenable and places her in a dilemma. Either she tells the strict truth and thus damages the image of the monarchy, which she absolutely does not want. Or she remains silent, but then she gives the impression that she does not like certain occasions.”

The Prime Minister has said they are reviewing and preparing to respond.

The Belgian Royal Palace does not want to comment.

Princess Delphine took her father, King Albert, to court in an effort to get him to claim her as his child. A DNA test proved Albert was her father in 2020 and the Court of Appeals granted her and her children royal titles.

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