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Duchess of Brabant unable to return home from school due to Coronavirus measures

© Royal Palace, Brussels/Koninklijk Paleis, Brussel/Palais Royal, Bruxelles/Königlicher Palast, Brüssel Photographer: Michel Gronemberger

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, also known as the Duchess of Brabant as the heir to the Belgian throne, will be unable to return home from her school in Wales due to measures against the spread of the Coronavirus.

Princess Elisabeth is attending the Atlantic College in Wales and will soon be graduating from there. She is currently not allowed to leave the campus unless there are “exceptionally approved circumstances.” All extracurricular activities have been cancelled and access to the campus to outsiders has been limited.

If students do go home, now or during the Easter break, they will not be allowed to return. First-year students have all been sent home to curtail the risks for the older students who are getting ready for final exams, like Princess Elisabeth. The first-year students will continue their education via online classes. If Princess Elisabeth’s return is demanded by her parents, she may not be able to graduate this year. Her final exams are in May, and there are no known cases of Coronavirus at the school.

Princess Elisabeth’s three siblings are at home in Belgium. All schools in Belgium are currently closed. Prince Gabriel attends an international private school in Watermaal-Bosvoorde, Prince Emmanuel attends a school near Louvain while Eleonore attends the Sint-Jan-Berchmanscollege.