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App for Royal Run in Denmark launched

To celebrate Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark’s milestone birthday of 50 years, the country of Denmark will be hosting a nationally recognised running event which will take place on 21 May 2018. This comes just nearly a week shy of Crown Prince Frederik’s official birthday on 26 May.

The cities participating in this event include Aalborg, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Odense, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Everyone is invited to join no matter who they are along with family and friends as Crown Prince Frederik completes a mile run in several cities before completing the climatic 10-kilometre finish in the capital city. Participants will be able to run with royalty as a special nod and celebration to the Crown Prince’s milestone birthday.

The Royal Run is backed by organisations such as DIF, DGI and the Danish Athletics Federation with organisational efforts supported by the March for Life Foundation, a merging effort of Nordea Fund and TrygFonden in accordance with the country’s efforts to promote sporting endeavours.

In preparation for this highly-anticipated event, the Royal Run has announced the official release of an app that corresponds to the day and its activities.

This app, available now, equips potential runners with the ability to train like the Crown Prince himself to prepare for the run by activating the “Train as Crown Prince” mode. Here runners are given access to knowledge, tips, and advice from the Crown Prince with his perspective of fitness in mind.

The app is also being designated as a tool for race day itself, enabling runners to access the information they might need in whatever city they will be participating.

While the app is geared towards this one event, the creators of the app hope to also incite a movement among the people of Denmark to further their activity and gain a more thriving and active everyday life.