Queen Rania of Jordan lights Christmas tree in Fuheis

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On Sunday, Queen Rania Al Abdullah was in Fuheis (located 20 kilometres northwest of the capital Amman) where she joined the residents to light the Christmas tree in Qanater Amphitheatre.

The Queen pushed the button to light the tree before delivering a short speech to those in attendance. She expressed the importance of the holy holiday for Christians which she said the lighting of the tree represented along with the love Jordanians have for each other. The Queen also stressed the importance of coexistence – which her appearance, as a Muslim, at the lighting of a Christmas tree was a perfect example.

Copyright 2018, Royal Hashemite Court

“May God bring you lasting love and serenity as you celebrate this year, and every year, alongside your loved ones and your extended Jordanian family,” the Queen remarked.

She continued, “During such occasions, Jordan celebrates as a whole, embodying the true meaning of brotherhood and coexistence.”

Her Majesty later posted on Instagram, “Lovely Fuheis shines brightest under the glow of its Christmas lights. Wishing joy and love to all this holiday season.”

Queen Rania stayed for the Christmas celebrations which included Christmas carols sung by children. She also viewed the holiday bazaar to see the Christmas decorations and food items available.

The Head of Fuheis Municipality, Jamal Hattar and Archbishop Christophorus Attallah (the President of Jordan Churches Council) also delivered remarks at the event also attended by Balqa Governor, Nayef Al Hajaya.

Copyright 2018, Royal Hashemite Court

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony was organised by the Municipality of Fuheis with the assistance of the Fuheis Youth Club and other civil society organisations. Fuheis is a predominately Christian town. Approximately, 90% of residents adhere to some form of Christianity.

Although Jordan is a majority Muslim nation, about six per cent of the population are Christians (belonging to Greek Orthodox) and mostly live in Amman or the Jordan Valley. King Abdullah and the Jordanian Royal Family (who are all practising Sunni Muslims and descendants of the Prophet Muhammed) are ardent supporters of Arab Christians and their protection.

The King once said, “Let me say once again: Arab Christians are an integral part of my region’s past, present, and future.”

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