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Pre-wedding celebrations hosted in Jordan by Queen Rania for her new daughter in law

Queen Rania of Jordan has hosted a pre-wedding celebration for her future daughter-in-law, Rajwa Alseif.

The Queen hosted a dinner party at the Royal Hashemite Court’s Madareb Bani Hashem ahead of Rajwa’s wedding to Crown Prince Hussein on 1 June.

Queen Rania’s two daughters, Princess Iman and Princess Salma, attended alongside members of the Alseif family and women from across Jordan.

Queen Rania told the guests: “I’m so happy that you could all be here to celebrate with us. Today is a special day for us and to our entire Jordanian family: Our joy is one and the same… near or far, you are all in our hearts today.”

During the dinner, traditional Jordanian and Saudi songs by local artists Nedaa Shrara, Diana Karazon, and Zain Awad were performed alongside the Haleem Musical Group, Al Salt Girls Band, and Misk Dance Company.

Her Majesty spoke like any other mother, confessing she had always dreamed of her son’s wedding: “Al Hussein is your son as much as he is mine – you are his family and this is your celebration.”

She then praised her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, saying she considers her a third daughter and that Rajwa is “the sweetest and most beautiful bride-to-be.”

Queen Rania added that Rajwa was the answer to her prayers for her son, saying that she and King Abdullah were thrilled when Crown Prince Hussein revealed he wanted to marry her. The Queen then gave her blessing to the marriage by saying, “May you always be each other’s source of happiness and support.”

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As Rajwa’s family was in attendance, Her Majesty addressed the bride’s mother, Azza, promising that “we and Al Hussein will take the very best care of Rajwa. This is her country, and she is among her family and her people.”

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Queen Rania also shared that she promised King Hussein, the Crown Prince’s namesake and grandfather, that she would raise her son in a way that he would approve of. She praised her son as a brave and strong soldier and one who treats his bride with respect.

The Queen said the Crown Prince is “a true, self-aware Hashemite, who is both a part of you and here to serve you,” and said she could now tell her late father-in-law that she was true to her word in raising her son.

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Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Alseif will marry in Amman on 1 June, with several foreign royals expected to attend. Upon her marriage, Rajwa will become the Crown Princess of Jordan.

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