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King Abdullah visits crucial Army force

King Abdullah of Jordan made an important military visit, as he met with one of the most crucial brigades in the Army. 

On Monday, 13 February, His Majesty arrived at the headquarters of the Quick Reaction Force, accompanied by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Major General Yousef Hneiti. 

His Majesty listened to the Supreme Commander of the 91st Quick Reaction Battalion as he gave the King an update on readiness, operations and training matters concerning the battalion. 

The group is part of the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Quick Reaction Force Brigade, one of the most crucial Army forces in any given country. 

King Abdullah was also guided by the Supreme Commander through a tour of the Quick Reaction Force’s Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer, one of the latest technologies to make its way all around the globe. The Commander is said to have briefed the King on the tasks that the Virtual Trainer can perform. 

King Abdullah’s visit was concluded by a brief speech, in which he “commended the advanced skills and capabilities of the various Jordanian Armed Forces formations” and praised “the high morale of army personnel,” according to the readout of the day given out by the Royal Hashemite Court. 

It is natural that the Royal Hashemite Court has not released any specific details about current operations in play or training activities being carried out by the Battalion nor the Brigade, as those pieces of information are sensitive. 

Jordan, in particular, needs to be extremely careful, as it is considered the only stable country in the region. A region that has been seeing tensions increase over the last few years. 

In particular, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems to be escalating, and this concerns Jordan in many aspects, not least because escalations usually coincide with massive influxes of refugees. 

More recently, they have been one of the first countries to respond to the earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria, with whom they share a border; the earthquake was also felt in some parts of Jordan, but no damage or casualties were reported.