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King Abdullah represents Her Majesty at Sandhurst

Yesterday, His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan represented Her Majesty The Queen at the Sandhurst Sovereign’s Parade as the Reviewing Officer, where his son, Crown Prince Hussein, also graduated on Friday.

Before His Majesty inspected the parade, the Jordanian national anthem was played. The Sovereign’s Banner to the Sovereign’s Platoon, the Senior Division’s best performing platoon, was also conferred.

After the Sovereign’s Parade, King Abdullah spoke to those assembled mentioning how he was once, too, a cadet, “It is not the first time I have had the privilege to attend the Sovereign’s Parade. Many years ago, I was a cadet standing where you are now.

“The memories of that day have stayed with me, making it a distinct pleasure to address today’s cadets and Academy staff; their families and friends; and the distinguished guests who joined us.”

He also spoke about the challenges and responsibilities of the graduates in the years ahead, “In the years ahead, your soldiers will look to you for guidance and inspiration. They will want to know that you care for them and for their families. They will model their behaviour on your integrity. They will get their courage from your steadfastness. And these attributes are not reserved for the military but are equally applicable in public service and business.

“These are huge, and, at times, daunting responsibilities. You must strive to be the best. Understand you will not be alone; your friends in your platoon and companies will be lifelong because you have learned that working for each other is the way to succeed.”

His Majesty also added, “Not every day will be a good one. You may not win every battle. But, however many times you get knocked down in life, you can, and must, get up again. In this profession of arms, you are now where the buck stops. You are graduating because people believed in you. You must now believe in yourself and rise to the challenges ahead.”

King Abdullah concluded his speech on Friday by saying, “However difficult, do what is right. Be confident in what your instructors have taught you. Take strength from your family and faith. And, above all, my fellow officers, never stop Serving to Lead.”

The King, who presented the Sandhurst Al Hussein Medal to the most improved cadet, later wrote on Twitter after the ceremony, “Proud of you, son, as you conclude this important chapter in your life and devotedly carry on serving our beloved Jordan.” Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece also sent his congratulations on the social network site saying, “Congratulations to Hussein you have joined a club of your family father and grandfather amongst others. Well done!!”

Photo: @QueenRania/Twitter

Queen Rania expressed her pride for her eldest child on Twitter, as well, saying, “Congratulations on graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, in the footsteps of your father, we are both so very proud of you!”

Also in attendance at the graduation to watch Crown Prince Hussein’s commencement were Queen Rania, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem.

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg and Prince Wenzel of Liechtenstein also graduated from Sandhurst yesterday.

Featured image: @RHCJO/Twitter
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