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King Abdullah of Jordan says the country is at “boiling point” over refugee crisis

King Abdullah of Jordan has said that his country is now at “boiling point” as a result of the refugee crisis, where hundreds of thousands of Syrian migrants are seeking to relocate for a better life.

Speaking to the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet, the King said that enormous pressure was being placed on Jordan’s infrastructure, social services and economy.

In the interview, he said: “Sooner or later, I think, the dam is going to burst.”

Jordan is said to have already taken in 1.27 million people who have fled Syria since the civil war began five years ago. His Majesty now says: “For the first time, we can’t do it any more.”

He added that more needed to be done by the international community if Jordan was to keep taking in refugees.

In the interview, the King said that the citizens of Jordan were suffering as a result of the refugee crisis; and 25% of the state budget has been spent helping refugees.

He said: “It hurt us when it comes to the educational system, our healthcare. Sooner or later, I think the dam is going to burst and I think this week is going to be very important for Jordanians to see, is there going to be help – not only for Syrian refugees, but for their own future as well.”

He added: “We have 130,000 Syrian students that are in our school system. We‘ve got roughly 90,000 that are never making it into our school system. We’ve got about 30,000 that are standing by trying to make it into the school system.

“So we need infrastructure support.”

The King’s message comes shortly after monarchs of Europe called for unity and tolerance towards refugees as they continue in their plight for a better life overseas to escape conflict in their own countries.

The full interview with King Abdullah can be seen on BBC World News