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The George IV State Diadem

Queen Camilla is expected to wear the Goerge IV State Diadem, also known as the Diamond Diadem, for the Coronation on 6 May.

It was made for the coronation of King George IV in 1820, thus its name. It is worn by the queen regnants and consorts at coronations and at the State Opening of Parliament. It should be a familiar sight for royal watchers, as Queen Elizabeth II wore it to the State Opening of Parliament numerous times.

UK Parliament via Flickr

Rundell Bridge & Rundell and Garrard & Company made the tiara of silver, gold, pearls and diamonds. The diadem has a narrow band that is edged with pearls, while diamonds make up the towers. It has four sprays that represent the national emblems of England, Ireland and Scotland (roses, shamrocks and thistles, respectively). In total, 1,333 diamonds decorate the diadem, which includes a four-carat pare yellow diamond that sits in the centre of the front cross. At the time, it cost just £8,216, which was paid for from an account set aside for King George’s coronation.

It is thought that the diadem came from discarded designs for King George IV’s Imperial State Crown by Philippe Liebart.

King George VI wore the diadem to Westminster Abbey ahead of his crowning, and monarchs since have followed in his footsteps. The crown passed from George to his sister-in-law, Queen Adelaide, and was passed down from then to each queen, whether they reigned or were simply consorts.

Queen Camilla will soon join their ranks.

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