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‘When the King is the cameraman’ – The King & Queen of Malaysia charm Twitter users in a royal first

The King and Queen of Malaysia have charmed Twitter users as they participated in a royal social media first.

Tweeting from Her Majesty The Queen’s personal account, the royal couple have been filming their daily activities and uploading the videos to Twitter, giving the public a first hand account of royal life.

The King & Queen are currently visiting Bogor in Indonesia, and are chronicling their activities on social media.

In one post, the King filmed the view from his car, with the footage captioned “When the King is the camera man”.

Clearly a novice at video journalism, His Majesty took a few moments to focus the camera, accidentally zooming in on his wife’s face.

In another clip filmed by The Queen, the couple can be seen driving away from Bogor, with The King waving to the crowds.

King Abdullah of Pahang has only been King of Malaysia since January 2019 following the abdication of Muhammad V.

Malaysian monarchs, who serve as head of state, are elected for terms from the nine royal households in the country. The ruler is chosen through a vote in a Council of Rulers made up of members of the nine royal houses.

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and plays a largely ceremonial role. In the country, he is considered the guardian of Islam.