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Thai Royal Family now exempt from paying tax on their property

By Tris_T7 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

A new law was issued yesterday, King Maha Vajiralongkorn (or King Rama X)’s 67th birthday, that makes the King and Thai Royal Family exempt from paying tax on any of their land or property. The information was published in the Royal Gazette.

The land exempt from taxes will be those “used in state affairs, royal affairs, or used by agencies under the King,” government documents stated. Places used for public interests or religious purposes are also exempt.

There is, however, one exemption – when the land is used for commercial purposes. The government document said that the land and property that doesn’t fit with the exemptions above will be tax-free “only in the parts that are used for non-profit purposes.”

There are ten other kinds of land that will also be exempt. They include unused properties held by state enterprises, empty areas of land around airport runways, and those establishments related to the railroads.

In Thailand, the monarchy is highly revered. Comments insulting the monarchy can lead to one’s imprisonment for years.

Photo: Brittani Barger/Royal Central

The Thai people have been wearing yellow for months in honour of the King’s coronation and birthday. Bangkok has been decorated in yellow and white since the beginning of this month to celebrate His Majesty’s birthday. Before that, in June, it was decorated in white and purple in honour of Queen Suthida’s birthday. Purple is the colour of the Queen while yellow is the colour of the King.

A building outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok was already adorned in yellow and white on 4 July 2019 in honour of King Rama X’s upcoming birthday. Photo: Brittani Barger/Royal Central
The outside of the Grand Palace decorated for the birthday. Photo: Brittani Barger/Royal Central

Pictures of the King and Queen adorn the vast number of buildings in the capital, and the Thai people are full of praise for the Royal Family whenever anyone asks.

In one example of the reverence the Thai people have for the monarchy, men across the country were getting haircuts with the King’s face and “Long Live the King” shaved into the back and sides in tribute to King Rama X for his birthday.

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