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Sarah Ferguson’s jewellery collection comes in at £660,000 mostly thanks to The Queen

The former Duchess of York has a jewellery collection worth over £660 thousand, according to a gemologist and diamantaire Grant Mobley, who broke down the value of Sarah, Duchess of York’s collection to

Mobley is the Director at Pluczenik, a diamond company in Belgium.

Some of the pieces Mobley valued were jewels given to Sarah, Duchess of York during her time as a member of the Royal Family.

The first piece Mobley valued was the York Diamond Tiara, which Sarah, Duchess of York wore on her wedding day.

“This picture-perfect classic is made entirely out of diamonds set in platinum with floral scrollwork and a large diamond of around 5 carats sitting on top,” he told

Sarah Ferguson owns this tiara outright, having received it from the Queen as a gift and not as a loan.

Mobley said that it would be difficult to value exactly without knowing more details about the diamonds and platinum weight, but did offer that “with the value of a top five quality 5 carat stone like this tiara topper, combined with the platinum and other diamonds, the value of this tiara would easily be more than $300, 000 USD [£220,000] today.”

“I am certain that whatever the Queen paid for this beautiful piece in 1986 is far less than the value today because of how significantly the value of diamonds and platinum have appreciated over the years, and continue to do so.”

Mobley valued Sarah, Duchess of York’s ruby engagement ring at USD 100,000, or £73,300.

Sarah Ferguson was given the distinctive ruby ring by Prince Andrew on 19 March 1986, and he designed it himself as a tribute to her red hair.

“This engagement ring features an unconventional and rare Burmese Ruby centre stone surrounded by a halo of 10 beautiful white diamonds in a classic yellow gold setting.”

Mobley said that the value would be high on the ring given the colour, quality and size of the ruby, as well as the fact that it is owned by the Royal Collection.

“The true value would be even more considering its rich history.”

The final pieces that Mobley valued belonged to the York Diamond Demi-Parure, which goes with the York Diamond Tiara. The pieces include a matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Mobley valued the demi-parure at USD 500,000 – or £366,600 – noting that the pieces would look at home on a red carpet. Like Sarah, Duchess of York’s engagement ring, the demi-parure belongs to the Royal Collection, which would heighten the value of the pieces.

“This is a stand out set in the Royal Collection.”

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