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Queen reportedly ‘furious’ at being ‘misled’ by Theresa May

The Sunday Times has claimed that The Queen was angered by Theresa May’s behavior following the recent General Election in which the Conservative leader lost her majority in the House of Commons and was forced into a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Her Majesty was said to have been dismayed by the Prime Minister’s “lack of courtesy” when the deal with the DUP delayed that State Opening of Parliament, disrupting plans for Royal Ascot.

The Sunday Times quoted a Conservative Peer who said of Theresa May “she said, ‘I’ve formed a government’, not ‘The Queen has asked me to form a government’. The palace was alarmed by her formulation of words.” It is The Queen’s constitutional right to ask for a government to be formed in her name. The Prime Minister is given the right to govern by The Queen and thus it can seem disrespectful to claim that the government has been formed without The Queen’s permission.

The newspaper also referenced a Conservative adviser who admitted that The Queen had been misled by the Prime Minister. “The palace was irritated,” the adviser said. “They felt that the deal with the DUP hadn’t been done.”

According to The Sunday Times, a royal source stated “it is certainly true that with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh there was a bit of ‘Oh, for God’s sake’ at what they saw as a lack of courtesy. There was also quite a bit of ­irritation coming from the Prince of Wales, who was being more petulant.”

The Prince of Wales stood in for The Duke of Edinburgh at the State Opening of Parliament because he was unwell.

Her Majesty’s speech at the State Opening of Parliament drew more attention that usual due to speculation that The Queen had worn an EU flag themed hat to annoy Theresa May.

  • Hamilton Jones

    Perhaps someone should remind the Royal Family that if they desire to remain in Buckingham Palace they should not let people know they are “furious” about matters of government. Of course they might have more time to hang out at Royal Ascot.

  • Becky

    Is this why Prince Harry is dealing with matters of government by insulting Melania Trump and embracing the former administration of Obama and Biden, albeit talking about Harry’s black girlfriend with Obama (comparing notes?), to get back at Teresa May? Harry stepped WAAAAY OVER THE LINE with this one. Just as he has for the last several years.

    • E.

      WTF? How was he insulting to Melania? They were warm and kind to one another. Harry knows the Obamas, and the Bushes, through Invictus.

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