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Prank call results in Dominos driver attempting to deliver pizza to The Queen

A prank call resulted in a Domino’s driver attempting to deliver a pizza to The Queen on 6 June.

Specifically, it took place after the state banquet in honour of US President Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace. Someone ordered four large cheeseburger pizzas for ‘Elizabeth’ at Buckingham Palace, and then the delivery driver attempted to deliver the £46 four pizzas to the palace.

Somehow, it did not register to the delivery driver that this was a bizarre and unlikely request. So, he or she took the pizzas to Buckingham Palace where the two police guards told them it had to have been a mistake because there was no pizza order from the palace.

A source explained to the Sun that the guards did check to be sure that The Queen had not placed the order, “One of them then radioed through to the control room to check if The Queen had indeed ordered a pizza.

“The next thing the copper said was ‘Sorry sir, Elizabeth is the name of the Queen – and she lives at Buckingham Palace. I think someone is winding you up.”

The American food chain confirmed the order and said it was placed with a London Victoria store. The one who ordered the pizza promised payment upon delivery.

They then joked, “We didn’t quite make it past the gate, but the four large Cheeseburger pizzas seemed to go down pretty well with the police officers on duty. Next time, Your Majesty.”

Met Police have not commented.

Now, we aren’t sure if The Queen does, in fact, like pizza, but a curious child asked the Duchess of Cambridge in January if Her Majesty liked the Italian dish. The Duchess said she didn’t know and asked, “Maybe next time I see her, should I ask?” The Duchess was visiting a community garden and was making pizzas with children at the time of the question.

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