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New photo exhibition shows Queen, Camilla and William in remarkable mirrored portraits

A new exhibition which begins this month at Eleven in London titled The Queen’s People is set to show some of Britain’s high office holders in their traditional outfits, using a photographic technique inspired by 17th century portrait painting.


The collection of photographs, which will go on display from 19th August – 19th September this year, are all produced in the same way: with a black background (emphasising the “craftsmanship and colour of ceremonial dress”) and showing four profiles of the subject, mirroring all four sides.

The portraits were taken by Hugo Rittson Thomas as part of a project to show the Monarchy and those who are responsible for its effective running.

Included in the series are also portraits of Her Majesty herself, along with the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke of Cambridge.

Of the three royal portraits, The Queen’s was especially taken to mark Her Majesty’s colonelcy of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, which marked its 60th anniversary back in 2013. The portrait shows Her Majesty in a day dress designed by Angela Kelly wearing the Waterloo badge of the regiment.


The Duke of Cambridge, meanwhile, is photographed in the frock coat of the Irish Guards (of which he is Colonel). The photo was taken back at the St Patrick’s Day parade, where he and the Duchess of Cambridge join members of the regiment for the traditional annual presentation of shamrock.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall’s portrait shows her in a gown designed by Bruce Oldfield, taken during her speech at the Royal Academy of Arts, wearing the sash and grand cross of the Royal Victorian Order along with the Royal Family order and some “private family pieces” of jewellery.

On the exhibition, Hugo Rittson Thomas said, “It was a privilege to photograph Her Majesty and other Members of the Royal Family and to blend the history and traditions of Royal life with a modern photographic style.

“I hope people will enjoy seeing these photographs as much as I enjoyed making them.”


Rittson Thomas’s portraits in this series try to show the range of appointments that exist within, and connected to, the Royal Household, with portraits ranging from peers to The Queen’s piper and from the Earl Marshal to The Queen’s Pageant Master.

photo credit: Hugo Rittson Thomas

  • Joe

    Where is the portrait of the Duchess of Cornwall in this article?

    • Jill Far

      Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall.

  • CelticPassion

    okay – now I am impressed – BZ

  • Brenda

    The queen looks lovely as. Allway n willaim handsome as. Allway..

  • Dorrie M Galea

    The Queen’s frock needs some ironing and is not a good fit.
    I have seen the Duchess look infinitely better turned out as well.
    Does no one advise them about how to dress to their best advantage?
    Sorry, but I would scrap the portraits and redo with more taste.

    • Abernathy

      Not a thing wrong with the lovely red dress on the queen. It is draped in gentle folds, not wrinkled.

    • Kathleen Ames

      I agree. The Queen’s dress looks as if it was run up on someone’s kitchen table. The side seams and the hem need a good press. It’s a typical Angela Kelly creation!

  • Cheryl Perkins

    There is nothing with the way Her Majesty looks or the Duchess of Cornwall.

  • Kat Gibson

    The Queen and William look fantastic! There is nothing anyone can do to make Camilla look good..she’s just ugly inside and out.

    • Kathleen Ames

      Looked in the mirror lately?

      • Lesly V. Voltaire Mompoint

        Imagine Princess Diana from those Pics…Wow

        • Kathleen Ames

          She would have looked as beautiful as she always did. But there’s more to life than looks. Her temperament let her down and her bitterness

    • Dana Davenport Anthony

      Spot on!

    • mary bennett

      You are ugly inside making remarks like that.

  • Willam Nat

    How old do you need to be in the UK to retire? 90? 100? How long does a Prince of Wales need to wait? 90? 100?

    • Dana Davenport Anthony

      Hope to skip Charles all together.

    • Brie McKenne

      He needs to wait forever. Queen will reing as long as it will be needed so she can pass the title right to her grandson the future king William.

      • Kathleen Ames

        HM The Queen cannot make Prince William King. Prince Charles is the rightful heir and he will be our next monarch.

  • Willam Nat

    When the queen meets her maker, might not he say, “You have had your fill of honors. Step aside and let to poor of Africa and Asia enter Paradise.”

  • Kathleen Ames

    Not sure why these photos are being reissued. They were first shown early this year or even last year! The Queen’s dress looks as if it was run up on the kitchen table! Anther dreadful Angela Kelly creation.

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