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Major changes for the 2017 State Opening of Parliament revealed due to election

There will be major changes to this year’s State Opening of Parliament due to the snap general election due to be held in the UK in June.

In a heavily dressed down affair, Her Majesty will not wear her Imperial Crown or Robes of State this year, and will also arrive in car instead of a carriage.

Also absent from the annual ceremony this year will be the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. It is expected that they will return to their positions beside the throne in 2018.

There are two reasons for these changes – most notably that the ceremony has been rescheduled with short notice due to the early election.

The ceremony usually takes place in May, however, with no Parliament to be opened, there is little choice but to rearrange for June.

This means the army will have little time to prepare for the state procession as Trooping the Colour takes place just a couple of days before Her Majesty opens Parliament.

Whereas this explains why there will be no carriages or procession, it does not answer why Her Majesty will not wear her crown or robes.

The simple explanation seems to be that at the age of 91, The Queen is cutting down on some of the more gruelling tasks.

Weighing two and a half pounds, the Imperial Crown contains 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls. 17 sapphires and 17 emeralds. Instead of being worn on the monarch’s head, it will be carried into Parliament along with the sword of State and Cap of Maintenance.

The 2017 State Opening of Parliament will take place on June 19, and is expected to be the first time in over 40 years where The Queen has not worn her crown.

  • David POOLE

    This wonderful spectacular Historic event should not be reduced in its splendour, for whatever reason.

    • Sandy Crump-Dawson

      Oh yes it should if it means the Queen’s well being is compromised!

    • CP

      The Crown and the crown will still be in attendance she the Crown will just not be wearing it on her head. Lets remember The CROWN is actually a person where the crown is just a thing. It really doesn’t matter at her great age if the crown is not on her head.

    • Ringstone

      If, at her age, Liz wants to turn up in house coat and carpet slippers, that’s fine by me. She’s more than done her bit over the years.

  • Melissa

    I am intrigued by “Cap of Maintenance”

  • Edward Vincent

    Wouldnt want to wear the crown if having to rush to the hospital would you ?

  • Paul Newman

    If the government hadn’t scheduled the State Opening on the second day of Royal Ascot, I’m quite sure Her Majesty would have taken part in a full ceremony. This year, she may wish to get away quickly to attend the races that she has never missed since her coronation. Perhaps they should change the ink they use to write the speech to an alcohol based ink, so that it dries more quickly, and short notice State Openings could then be fitted around Her Majesty’s social calendar.

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