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One million people sign petition to cancel Trump’s State Visit, to avoid embarrassing The Queen

Over one million Britons have signed a petition demanding that the government cancels a planned State Visit to the UK by President Donald Trump.

The petition, which is the most signed petition to ever feature on the government’s website, says that the State Visit should be cancelled to prevent any embarrassment to The Queen.

MPs will vote tomorrow over whether there should be a date set in Parliament to discuses cancelling the visit.

In just 24 hours, it has become the most signed petition in the history of the British government’s website.

Last year, almost 600,000 people signed a separate petition calling for the 70-year-old to be banned from travelling to the UK. It was the most signed petition on the government’s website until now.

Donald Trump accepted an invitation from The Queen to visit the UK later this year for a State Visit.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, confirmed at a press conference that President Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump, will be travelling to the country later this year.

It is likely that the President will stay at Windsor Castle, partly due to major refurbishment works that will be taking place at Buckingham Palace.

However, the plans for the visit have already submerged into chaos after a number of prominent MPs are calling for the visit to be cancelled.

The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has said that he is not happy for President Trump’s State Visit to go ahead while the controversial bans preventing people from entering the USA based on their country of origin are in place.

Speaking to Robert Peston, Mr Corbyn said: “I’m not happy with him coming here until that ban is lifted, quite honestly.”

He added: “It’s slightly odd he should be invited so quickly, particularly in view of the statements he’s made, and I suspect this visit is something that might find its way into the long grass.”

He also said that Buckingham Palace should “absolutely not rush” in making arrangements for the visit, which is expected to take place later this year.

The President is also said to be extremely reluctant to meet Prince Charles because of the pair’s differing views on climate change.

The President, who has previously said that climate change is a myth invented by the Chinese, does not want to take a lecture from The Prince of Wales who is a climate change campaigner, according to The Sunday Times.

Members of Trump’s administrative team instead want The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry to meet the President when he visits the UK later this year.

Speaking to The Times, a source has said: “Trump’s people are worried about an awkward moment, with Prince Charles saying ‘Why don’t you believe in climate change?’

“They do not want the President put in an awkward position where he’s being lectured. They want horses down the Mall, tea with William & Kate.

They want all that pomp and for it to go seamlessly, and one of the risk factors is Charles.”

Number 10 Downing Street have released a statement confirming that plans for the State Visit by Donald Trump remain in place.

Royal Central will be bringing you ongoing coverage on President Trump’s State Visit to the UK in the months to come.

  • Martha Nichols

    Whole-hearted sympathy for the people of the UK–Trump will be the embarrassment.

    • luigi pasquali

      So you are against a fair trade deal?

  • Yvette arostegui

    So sorry that you are now against the people of USA who had been your friends for so long. We elected Mr Trump as our president,be respectful of that.Otherwise,you are losing our friendship forever,for intervening in our politics.Mr Trump is doing what,WE,the people voted for him to do and he is honoring his promises.Your politicians do that?

    • Liam Payne

      My goodness madame, what ignorance, from the country that financed several coups against democratically elected governments, esp. in Latin America. Madame, don’t you dare educate us on democracy, the UK was a developing democracy long before the US was even a thought. It is that level of disrespect that is the reason Americans are hated and reviled outside of their own borders, and since you bring up World War 2, the only reason you all got in is because you had a surprise attack (that British intelligence warned you about). Where were you in 1939-1941, where were you 1914-1917 and where were you when Napoleon was going about. British people are not against the USA, and certainly not all are against Trump. Remember, the United States has done a whole lot more interfering in other nations affairs. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Amanda Hanks

      Oh please. I’d sign the petition, as a proud US citizen, if I could. They have a legit reason for not wanting him to come. The ban he’s trying to impose goes against everything our country stands for and was founded upon. The MP’s are saying no visit until he stops being a racist bigot. As far as him doing what “the people” want him to do, he lost the popular vote, so yeah the majority of us want his orange butt out of the White House. I think the saturday after his inauguration made that clear.

      The only reason I’d want to see this visit happen is so the Queen could put the orange one in his place. I’d give my right arm to see that.

      • luigi pasquali

        You sound like you don’t want good economic relations between the U.K. and the U.S.A. So be it, England will thank you I’m sure.

        • Jennifer Talstra

          Oh wow – it’s Luigi again.

    • Jenna Shively

      On behalf of the American majority that did not vote for the man-child, Trump, I apologize for the above statement that shows a reliance on “alternative facts”. I don’t believe that the world or U.K. are now against America as a whole.

      People are smarter than we often give them credit for. The world can see that these are Trump policies and not American ideals. The comments that were made in response to your statement have been respectful. Please stop perpetrating the stereotype that Americans are ignorant.

      PS. Don’t you think it’s interesting that the last two Republican presidents haven’t won the popular vote and only was elected due to an antiquated voting system?

      • luigi pasquali

        Jenna, on behalf of all legal Americans as opposed to illegal aliens, I apologize for your ignorance. The so called popular vote consisted of illegal aliens who had jobs in the U.S. 10% of California’s workforce consists of illegals who were allowed to vote. That’s just Calif. Other states made similar allowances. As far as England not wanting our President to visit, shame on them. If President Trump and the Republican Congress declared war on England it would only be in the best interest of the U.S. and that is what President Trump was elected to do. He will do the best he can for the U.S. not the U.K. or any other country.

        • Jennifer Talstra

          You must be mad too.

        • Hey, fake Italian name Trumpster! Comrade Trump dropped his claim that millions of illegals voted in the election. Why? He was told the investigation would require an examination and RECOUNT of votes in ALL U.S. states and territories. Comrade Trump is afraid an actual recount would prove Hillary to have won the Electoral College as well as the popular vote.

        • Grassroots

          That aliens theory had been proven totally false. Wow, Luigi, war with England because trump would think it’s a good idea? How would that ever be in the best interests of America? If we’re going to go to war, art least pick a country like Russia, which really is our enemy.

      • Yvette arostegui

        “antiquated voting system” that was made by very intelligent people,that you don’t seems to understand. Imagine just California,Florida and NY electing the president every 4 years because they have millions of people living there…The rest of the nation,why should vote?The majority that voted for Hillary was the Mexicans from California…so are you happy that mexicans elect our president? Look at the rest of the map and you will see it almost red,except where hispanics live. If it is ok with you,congratulations, you are a good american we should be proud of….

        • Grassroots

          The republicans did enough gerrymandering and suppression of voting rights that they won in areas that might otherwise have gone toward Clinton. In the long run it may work out that electing trump was the best thing that could have happened, because….because he’s doing more to unite the nonconservatives than at any time in a long while. The resistance is growing. Trump cannot last.

    • BRENDA

      Most of us in the US didn’t vote for him because we didn’t want him to destroy our world and that’s exactly what he is doing. I love England they need to have him go over there and start anything. He is nothing but trouble.

      • luigi pasquali

        I don’t believe the above traitors who so readily bad mouth their own country.

    • luigi pasquali

      Mr. Trump would declare war on England if it was in America’s best interest. He was elected by United States citizens and will do the best he can, so people in the UK can bug off.

      • Linda Aguilar

        Thank goodness an attitude like your’s is not prevalent in the US. The majority of citizens want peace with other countries- including UK and, if Trump starts trouble, the people will rise up AGAIN and FIGHT him!

      • Grassroots

        The best he can is far from good enough. He is a seriously mentally ill man.

    • Jennifer Talstra

      You must be mad.

      • Yvette arostegui

        Not as mad as you,my dear…

    • Alan blackwood

      They are clearly against trump not the people of the USA – many more of whom voted for Hillary. A fact! Or do you believe in alternative facts as well? Oh dear oh dear. Ok ….take you ball and don’t play with them any more – child!

    • OH NO! Do NOT presume to speak for ALL Americans. Comrade Trump entered office with the lowest approval rating in history. Only half of the electorate voted. Secretary Clinton received a majority by 3,000,000. Comrade Trump does not have a mandate from the American people. Because of the proven interference of Putin in the presidential election process to defame Secretary Clinton in favor of Comrade Trump, he will be an illegitimate president until the day he is forced out of the White House after impeachment by fellow Republicans in the House and conviction in the Senate.

      • luigi pasquali

        So you are a dual citizen. I suppose you can vote and sign petitions in England
        and in the U.S. How about Israel, do you have dual citizenship there too? Not too many people call the President of the United States a “comrade’. Our President is legitimate, he won by 77 electoral votes fair and square, so get over it. You’re living in la la land if you think fellow Republicans are going to impeach him. He has a mandate from all non-Hispanic and non- Muslim citizens. Hillary had their votes but lost the white women because the DNC allowed their e-mails to be hacked by anyone because their e-mail password was “password”.

        • I call Trump “Comrade” because of his close ties to former head of the Communist KGB, Vlad Putin. All communists addressed each other as Comrade. You do not have a clue what is ahead for Trump; he is under investigation for his ties to Russia by the FBI, CIA, and House and Senate. At some point Julian Assange will release Trump’s tax returns and info that was hacked from the RNC, and it will all be over for the Malignant Narcissist, Comrade Trump.

    • luigi pasquali

      Well said.

  • Yvette arostegui

    How many American soldiers died helping the English during World War II ? It was not our fight….remember….

    • thibbs1

      It was absolutely our fight! Remember Pearl Harbor. Arguably, our isolationism prior to that inspired the attack. And now, Trump is trying to take us down the same path. People of the UK, please know that over half this country is embarrased and ashamed by this man’s callous and clueless actions. I applaud your petition and hope it is successful. Even more, I hope impeachment proceedings begin soon.

      • luigi pasquali

        You are hoping in vain. The Republican Congress would never impeach him

        • thibbs1

          I’m not so sure. I think the Republicans will use him as long as they can, but they would much rather have Pence.

      • luigi pasquali

        No, it was NOT our fight. In 1945, we saved your snooty, ungrateful asses. In 1776 we beat the crap out of you, and now it looks like we might have to do it again. I recommend you keep your vicious personal attacks to yourselves.

        • thibbs1

          Yo, genius, I’m from the U.S., not the U.K. Are you seriously advocating going to war with the U.K.? Not only are you a failed student of history, you’re a dubious military strategist as well. (Pause) I’ll give you time to Google “dubious.”

          • luigi pasquali

            Sorry thibbs1, I thought I was addressing Rona. I sent my rather tame message to you by mistake. I’m not a military strategist but I just can’t stand the snooty attitude of some. Actually, I agree with you for different reasons. I think our President should stay home and not attempt to be friends and not even try to negotiate with them. They hate us. Imagine that; and after all we have done for them.

    • Jennifer Blaes


    • AdlaiStevenson

      You are an idiot. If this is the calibre of your discourse, stop. You are as embarrassing as the tiny handed one.

      • luigi pasquali

        You Mr. Stevenson are an idiot. The President has big hands and a big heart but if he doesn’t get a fair trade deal with England then too bad for them.

        • AdlaiStevenson

          If he has such a big heart why are there 3500 lawsuits against him? Again facts not dumb statements like he has a big heart. It is well documented that he does not pay his bills but forces merchants to sue him then forces them to settle for pennies on the dollar. He is being sued right now for work on doofus tower which has gone unpaid.
          Big heart? His “charity” was shut down in New York. Again facts. He only gave away other people’s money not his own.
          Big hands? He only uses them to grab women’s p—–.
          Stick my head in an oven? You need to stick your head in a newspaper.

    • luigi pasquali

      Yvette, you are a patriot and you are right on the money. Don’t listen to these traitors.

      • Jennifer Talstra

        Looks like you and Yvette would make a good match – you should get together.

      • thibbs1

        It is my right and duty to disagree with public officials when they are wrong. That is the very definition of a patriot. A traitor is one who would try to suppress that free speech.

    • Jennifer Talstra

      You don’t have a very good grasp of history.

    • luigi pasquali

      You are right in every comment. I made a few comments but every single one was deleted. There are people here who don’t allow the truth to be spoken.

    • BeechCreek

      it was everybody’s fight. England fought for two years before we got into the war, they suffered great losses.. What do you think would have happened to the world if Hitler had taken over Europe? He would not have stopped there. Were you alive during the war? i was.

    • Robert James George

      Where to start. The US only entered WW2 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They were quite happy to watch a Fascist dictator carve up Europe before this, as I suspect your present head of state would be.
      English is not synonymous with British. As well as English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish troops there were also troops from Canada, Australasia, India, South Africa, Rhodesia and other Commonwealth countries fighting.
      Many of us who signed this petition couldn’t care less if Elizabeth Windsor was embarrassed by Trump’s visit (who wouldn’t be) but do not wish a racist, misogenist bigot afforded the honour of a state visit here. Additionally he owns two golf course near where I live in Scotland. His treatment of the locals has been appalling; cutting off water supplies for those refusing to move. He has also tried to block construction of an offshore windfarm near his golf course, claiming they spoil ‘his’ view, but probably part of his blinkered, pig headed climate change denying bigotry. This in a country whose windfarms generated 87% of domestic electricity used last year.
      So, you may have voted him in, but we don’t want him here.

  • R. Gonzalez

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Its so sad to read the news now a days. Have some respect! He is now the President of the United States whether you like it or not. He’s moving forward with what he promised our country, but what ever he does at this point, will never be praised. People are too quick to run out and protest. So very sad…

  • Melanie Holland

    It’s odd that this would be embarrassing to the UK? I have many British friends, and one friend from Australia who applauded the Obama administration leaving the white house. These friends repeatedly expressed how the United States had become a joke on the world stage during the Obama Administration. Why would you not give Donald Trump a chance before you sign petitions to keep him from a state visit with the queen. Do you want Siri in, Yemen, Iraqi and Afghanistan citizens migrating into your country by the thousands illegally? Let us not forget 911 it didn’t take hundreds of terrorist to bring down the Twin Towers and Destroy lives it only took a few. Trying not to stereotype here, however most immigrants from a Muslim country are fleeing the radical Muslim regime. No country can vet each one of them before entry. We are safer to keep them out. We have soldiers on the ground in their country trying to help those who oppose the radical Muslim regime or Isis, as we call them. How many men did it take to bomb Paris 2 years ago? It wasn’t that many and they were illegal immigrants in France. Americans do not want them here, or should I say Patriots in America don’t want them here. Common sense will tell you you don’t invite the enemy into your home. The United States of America is my home. I like many others do not want them here. No one should want them in their country.

    • Wayne Rogers

      One friend from Australia (my home) Did you know the majority of Aussies approved of Obama ?

      • Jennifer Talstra

        And the majority of New Zealanders where I live.

    • Thom Clyma

      “Give him a chance before you sign petitions”.

      The World as a whole gave him a chance and with that chance, he removed affordable care for a country, chose to move forward with a pipeline using companies he has a financial gain with, threatened multiple countries, declared using American tax dollars to build a wall under the assumption “Mexico will pay us back in taxes”, and most recently, the refugees. All of that in one week.

      I’m sorry, but you’re saying you’re not going to stereotype but then go to great lengths to stereotype. You know what I want? A Country where a fat county clerk can’t say “It’s against my religion to marry two men” and get paid for it. I want a country where being transgender won’t get you sent off to some mystery location where they “fix” you. I don’t want a country where a cop can shoot an unarmed black man lying on the ground with his hands up while on multiple cameras and not get shot. Frankly, the thing at risk to America is ignorant Americans like yourself who think saying “America First” or “It’s for safety” doesn’t know what it’s like to not be a white in America. You’re scared that some Muslim will bomb you? The rest of us are scared that some crazy Christian with a gun will walk into a pre-school or Planned Parenthood and kill everyone inside. Stop thinking of your own fears and look at the fears of everyone else.

      • AdlaiStevenson

        Well said, sir.

      • luigi pasquali

        Once Trump gets you a good job, all the real and imaginary fears will disappear.

        • Grassroots

          Good luck with that. He’s not bringing back coal and other industries in that category. He and his daughter have their products made in other countries, like China, for instance. Trump is out for himself.

    • Grassroots

      Just goes to show you that people from other countries can be wrong too. By the way, there have been more terrorist attacks from American born white men than from any other group. Muslims are not the problem. Oh, in case you forgot, the 9/11 terrorists weren’t from any of the countries Trump has banned. They’re from two of the countries not included in the Muslim ban (countries in which Trump has significant financial holdings).

  • AdlaiStevenson

    The president is illegitimate having been “elected” with the help of Russia and a rogue FBI head. He lost the popular vote.
    The man is a pig. He is a draft dodging coward, a cheat, an adulterer, a sexual deviant, and a serial liar. All of which are proven facts.
    If he comes to the UK, I would hope that Her Majesty and Prince Phillip, being elderly and with weakened immune systems, have penicillin shots before they shake hands with this “man.”
    He deserves no respect by anyone, ever.

    • luigi pasquali

      Oh, do stick your head in an oven.

      • Ope N. Minded

        Oh luigi pasquali…do fuck off and die.

        • creek house

          Yet another scary, abusive, hypocritical leftist. At the very least practice what you preach.

          • Ope N. Minded

            Talk about hypocritical! If anyone is scary abusive and hypocritical, it’s you stupid republicans and that Orange Anus in the White House that you all worship. Know what you call a dead republican? A good start! Oh and thanks for calling me a leftist. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me so far today!

          • luigi pasquali

            I’m not into name calling, I’ll leave that to you Brits. You have called the President of the United States of America every name in the book. I just hope that his beautiful family don’t read the vicious tripe you’ve been putting out. Also, I wouldn’t want his economic team, who will be offering a great deal for Britain, to know how you have unfairly maligned this good man.

          • Ope N. Minded

            LMAO! You Dumbass! Well of course you are! You support Trump. I bet your lips are permanently orange from kissing his ass. If I am vicious, it’s because your Furher has made me so. You all pissed and moaned about Obama for 8 years, so suck it up buttercup. America revolted once and we can do it again. That’s right, you stupid right wing moron, I am a PROUD American and not British as you so stupidly assumed. You republikkkan’s never Fucking learn, do you? Asshat!

          • luigi pasquali

            As I say, I’m not into name calling.

          • luigi pasquali

            Well I’ll be gall darn. You are an American. I apologize, I thought you were British which is an insult but I made an honest mistake. I’m guessing that you are a war Vet, and I’m grateful for that. My main beef is that ever since we kicked their royal asses in 1776 and 1812 they still think we are a colony of theirs. I’m pissed that they got us involved in WWll and the Iraq War and our stupid Presidents fell for it. I don’t think Trump would have fallen for it. You can see their superior attitude today, by running down our President , and claiming that their Queen is too good to even sit at the dinner table with him and his beautiful wife. Yes, the English people still think that we are beneath them, they forgot about the Boston Tea Party and how be beat the living crap out of them.

          • Grassroots

            Nobody made America get into World War II. There was a great deal of opposition to our involvement here on the homefront. If Trump had been president then, wow, I hate to think what a disaster that would have been.. He is not of sound mind.

  • J.C. Minoue

    He should be banned from entering England because this man is not of sound mind and will compel people to lie on his behalf… he is a narcistic racist chauvinistic scumbag and dangerous to everyone on this planet. He should be impeached immediately or do us all a favour and eat a bullet.

    • creek house

      And you sound crazy paranoid so why should we listen to you?

      • Matthew_J_S

        because idiots like you are following Trump with your eyes closed!

        • Irvinzacharias

          Non so blind as those who will not see.

  • Jan Kelly

    Just cancel! He’s a disgrace as is Theresa May!!

  • Robin Connelly

    I am not a British citizen, I am an American-born citizen and live in the U.S. If it were possible, I would sign the petition encouraging the Queen to cancel this visit, not to waste her time or disgrace her office by engaging Trump. As an American, I am ashamed of this person, and fear his leadership of our Nation. Dear Queen Elizabeth II, you are above this man, he is a travesty. Please forget him and go on leading your great Country. Kindest personal regards.

    • luigi pasquali

      If England is so great why don’t you go live there you unpatriotic swine.

    • Gillian ScottO’Connor

      I am a British born US citizen and i would sign in a heartbeat if ti could -i have too much respect for her Majesty to see her subjected to the likes of this maniac,

    • Ruxandra Codrescu

      If so many Americans consider he is so dangerous they should have prevented him from being a candidate in the first place. Why to waste so much effort from everybody now that he is in place.

      • Vaughan Sinclair

        Well, Gosh Ruxandra! The news is for making CASH…so they gave him splashy coverage EVERY DAY..Yep the are now have a KKK’r in Drumphs ear. Now they notice…But it still does not excuse the fact that he is the lowest rated Prez. to be sworn in and down to 36% approval rating after 7 days!!! That is nuts. I answered you. Tell you back Drumpf in everything..Will you come back and say “Move in on me like a Bitch and Grab my Pussy?” Tell me true.

        • creek house

          Actually Vaughan, you sound more scary and abusive than Trump ever did. You need some serious help.

        • Jean Roberts

          Vaughan, I get you. Maybe your colloquialism isn’t understood by everyone but it comes across loud and clear that the new ‘prez’ is an asshole.

          He is narcissistic, psychopathic, and, clearly, off his rocker! Sane and rational people just cannot go along with his spewing out of hatred and vitriol. As a woman, as a citizen of this world, I find him totally abhorrent. I am English, but not a royalist, and yet I find it insulting that he should be meeting the queen. Whatever my personal views on inherited privilege, she has grace, dignity, and has been a very good monarch. She deserves protecting from this moronic narcissist. It is too late now, but, come on America. I have visited your shores many many times. I know there are brilliant minds, sane and rational people, good, warm, exciting people there. Is Donald Trump really the best you could come up with? I love America and all it stands for but this is not democratic and certainly not in your constitution.

          • luigi pasquali

            Jean, you are truly ignorant of our system of government. The electoral college was instituted by our founding fathers very wisely years ago. Bye the way, President Trump won by 77 electoral votes fair and square.
            Our fathers didn’t want a tyranny of a majority in the heavily populated states to over-rule the voters in the less populated states. We have just witnessed the votes in California, Florida and New York over powering the votes in the remaining 47 states. Just in numbers of votes, Hillary would have won. But the electoral college allowed the votes in the other 47 states to be counted. Do you really want 47 out 50 states to be ignored?

      • Grassroots

        I didn’t vote for him. The majority of Americans didn’t vote for him. We’re organizing and working hard to free America from his tyranny.

        • Irvinzacharias

          Elections have consequences. Dems.lost 1042 elections in the last 8 years. Dry your tears get over it and become a better person inspite of hurt feelings.

          • Grassroots

            Consequences. So does suppression of voting rights, oppression of freedom of speech, traitorous contact with avowed international enemy, golden showers scandal, childish behavior, tantrums… Yes, there are consequences.

            Resistance is strong. One day you may break out of your circle think and critically evaluate the nasty heartless impact this president is having on the peoples of the entire world.

            Look outside your opaque bubble. Replace any of those immigrant faces you see with your own family members. Then say it’s okay to detain a five year old boy in handcuffs for five hours all alone. What if that were your child. Or grandchild?

            Are you folks missing a heart? Those scenes of elders and children being detained, people who had already been completely vetted, completely, who are detained, turned back? My God, man, do you hate all of humanity except for your own skin color? God made every creature on this earth and then stood back and said, it is good. No addendum was issued that said, except for brown skins and black skins.

            Instead, “All is good.”

    • luigi pasquali

      Interesting statement coming from an American. Do you realize that the Queen and others past and present agree with you. They sincerely believe that they are superior to us. They have believed this since 1776 and 1812 when they tried to block our ports so the United States could not trade with other nations. To this day, they think we are still a colony, and must behave as they see fit. They sucked us in on the Iraq War with their false so called intelligence and sucked us in to fight in the 2nd World War, all to their advantage. Do you think that the Royalty of England is superior to our elected President?

  • Linda MacDonald

    Congratulations to the signers of this petition.

  • Toots

    Please, people of England awake from your slumber. We live on the dark continent, our economy destroyed by greed and waste. None of the refugees want to come this way, ask yourselves why. Europe, England, America and Australia perhaps New Zealand are the Radical Muslim’s target at the moment. Russia have halted them and confined them to their outskirts. Japan, China, Korea are not that easy for them. They live, here, quietly increasing in numbers. Building big mosques every where, tourists visit the mosques, nominal Christians are finding them interesting. A huge big Trojan horse being built? Some hospitals quietly giving Muslims preferential treatment, they drive the best cars, they have the biggest homes and their exclusive banks thrive. We would really welcome and appreciate a President Donald J. Trump visiting our Queen (If only she was). Please take off your blinkers and stop leaning so far left, it is taking you off course.

  • Sharon Mullins

    I wish we could some how ban him from the US. I did NOT vote for this embarrassment. Humiliating fool.

    • luigi pasquali

      That;s fine. Don’t expect a trade agreement.

  • creek house

    Charlie Proctor can’t make up his mind which lie to tell, 500,000 or 300,000. You need to move to California Charlie.

  • creek house

    Congratulation Queen Elizabeth for being more open minded and adult in your thinking than the so called “half a million” of your countrymen and the West Coast of our country. Thank you for the invitation to our President and our First Lady. Thank you for taking the time and effort to actually get to know someone before you make decisions based on what haters and bigots think. God save the Queen.

    • Grassroots

      Middle America isn’t fond of Trump either. Millions are protesting his administration and are winning little victories every day.

  • Chris Bradshaw

    I’ve not signed the petition because of the queen . I’ve signed it because the the man is an incompetent psychopath. If the queen isn’t embarrassed already for being the UK’s biggest benefit scrounger then I can’t imagine she cares about an orange man child turning up

  • Courtney Lee

    The guy is a flipping idiot. and would make a mockery of the queen as he has clearly done with himself. A man of his nature shouldnt even be president. He is a disgrace, a fool, racist,arrogant,rude,pathetic. Noway should he even have the rights to meet the queen.

  • I hold dual US/UK citizenship. I will sign anything that will prevent this Malignant Narcissist from ever being in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen.

  • Mo Haarhoff

    Wake up world! He has only renewed an existing policy. The 80-day ban is only so that the US can get its ducks in a row.

    • Grassroots

      To do what? Keep out more appropriately vetted immigrants from the Middle East? A cruel action that has hurt thousands of people. He didn’t renew Obama’s policy, by the way. The basis for Trump’s ban is completely bogus.

  • Carole cuthbertson

    Do not want this excuses for a person in our country.

  • Rona Wood

    Well said John. I am British and have lived in the USA for 52 years and know many that would sign.

    • luigi pasquali

      The Queen invited the President. Will a petition of a million people nullify her invitation?

  • luigi pasquali

    Unfortunately, style, dignity and grace won’t help Britain economically. A strong and fair trade agreement will.

  • David L

    Sorry, but this petition has fuck all to do with saving the Winsors from embarrassment! It’s about preventing a fascist mysogynist, homophobic, islamaphobe fro visiting iur country! Get use to it,,the same crowd will undoubtedly support arebubluc…

  • scotchthistle

    I am looking for a petition to sign that the visit goes ahead. The anti-Trump mania is simply farcical

    • Grassroots

      Farcical? Trump is farcical, except his destruction actions aren’t one bit funny.

  • Phil Roberts


  • Phil Roberts


  • Vince Quackenbush

    I’m not a British subject. But don’t come please. It would involve you in internal U.S. matters!

  • Vince Quackenbush

    I’m not a British subject. But don’t come please. It would involve you in internal U.S. matters!

  • Yvette arostegui

    The People of England, as the democrats of the USA, seems to ignore that the ban is for 90 days, until the immigration office study those people antecedents…It was made by Obama,the same thing,in 2011 in regards of the Iraqui people….I wonder why is the distortion and the lies about all this? This is shameful !!!! I still see in my mind the poor people of the twin towers falling down to their deaths!!! Are not you a little bit compassionate of their families??? How about the Boston marathon? How about the gay club in Florida?How about the people who died in San bernardino? About christians beheaded by Isis??? This is incredible how people reacts in chain without any thinking…if it is the truth or not…just repeating….

    • Grassroots

      Nope, not the same as Obama’s ban. You might want to Google that to find out what the difference between the two is.

  • Grassroots

    Trump is mentally ill. The emperor has no clothes. No way is it a good idea for him to visit the U.K. Unless Prince Charles is allowed to have a hard talk with him about climate change and the extreme dangers of ignoring it.

    The American Psychiatric Association says that anyone exhibiting five of the following nine egotistical traits has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Count up how many Trump exhibits.

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements).

    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.

    3. Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with other special or high-status people.

    4. Requires excessive admiration.

    5. Has a sense of entitlement.

    6. Is interpersonally exploitative.

    7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

    8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.

    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

    Trump is a danger to America and the world. He’s already gotten a navy seal killed in an ill-advised action in Yemen that he ordered. He has offended one of our greatest allies, Australia. He’s in bed (literally, the golden showers thing) with our long-time enemy, Russia. He is willing to cut off trade with Mexico or set tariffs so high that businesses that need production items made in Mexico are going to have to seriously raise their prices to consumers. Forget about affordable Mexican fruits and vegetables. They’ll be priced out of the average person’s budget. Then there’s the rash and cruel action to close our borders to families and individuals who have gone through the vetting process and were approved for entry. Children, grandmothers, fathers, mothers… Stranded with no relief in sight.

    Even the Koch bros are against him. Such irony.

    Look beyond the bubble you’re living in, turn off Fox news, and quit reading that fake news stuff. Trump is going to mess up America for everyone (except his rich cronies who will make millions when they sack America’s coffers). This isn’t a partisan issue anymore. Trump is a sick sick man.

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