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The Queen and her private estate are implicated in Paradise Papers scandal

The Queen and her private estate have been implicated in the latest scandal surrounding offshore tax havens.

In a huge new leak of financial documents, senior figures including Her Majesty are named in the so-called Paradise Papers.

An investigation by the BBC, the Guardian and other global organisations show that around £10m of The Queen’s private money has been invested in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda by the Duchy of Lancaster.

The Duchy provides Her Majesty with an income and manages her £500m estate.

There is no suggestion of illegality by The Queen although this is hugely damaging to the Monarchy.

The leak shows that investments had been made through the Duchy to businesses including BrightHouse, which has been criticised in the past for exploiting poor and vulnerable people.

The Duchy said that it was unaware of their 12-year investment in BrightHouse until approached in relation to the Paradise Papers for comment.

There is also no evidence which suggests The Queen knew about all of the investments made on her behalf.

You can read more about the Paradise Papers and look at other senior figures implicated by visiting the BBC’s website.

This is a breaking news story. Keep visiting this page for updates.

  • Thomtids

    Firstly, investment in a free Country anywhere in the World that accepts inward investment is entirely lawful, the Queen is also a “private individual” and pays tax on all income at the appopriate rate. It is entirely foreseeable that any reasonable investor with large funds will look to spread the risk of capital value changes across various economies.
    Secondly, tax treatment of foreign income and capital return is a matter fixed by Parliament; the citizens duty is to disclose it.
    Thirdly, since when is The Guardian a “global brand”?

  • LauraS

    Bermuda and the Cayman Islands are British territories, so it’s not entirely “foreign” investment.

  • Sigi

    That’s NOTHING, what about the the way the RF assassinated Diana.

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