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All smiles from The Queen as she attends Sunday morning church service

Queen attends church in Flitcham

The Queen was seen to be in full spirit on Sunday morning as she attended church in the village of Flitcham, close to her Sandringham estate.

Her Majesty was wearing a bright purple outfit, equipped with an umbrella to protect herself from the Norfolk weather.

This is the 90-year-old’s second visit to church this year, having been forced to miss the traditional New Year church service due to illness.

As a result of the “heavy cold” she was suffering from, she was not able to attend the Christmas morning church service at St Mary Magdalene Church for the first time since 1988. Before 1988, Her Majesty instead attended a church service at Windsor meaning that this was the first time The Queen was absent from communion in recent living memory.

Prince Philip had also fell ill to a heavy cold and was initially worse off than The Queen. However, he has since recovered while Her Majesty is still recovering.

As well as that, the cold forced her to delay her yearly trip to Sandringham for the Christmas holidays, when she instead travelled one day later and by helicopter rather than train to shorten travel time.

Joining Her Majesty at church this morning were other members of her family. This included The Queen’s nephew, David Armstrong-Jones, whose father, Lord Snowdon, died earlier this week.

Viscount Linley, who was joined at the service by his wife Serena, will become the 2nd Earl of Snowdon following his father’s funeral.

Lord Snowdon was the former husband of Princess Margaret. They got married in 1960, however, a divorce followed in 1978.

Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret had two children together before they separated, David Armstrong-Jones and Lady Sarah Chatto.

  • Melissa

    So happy to see HM out and about again.

  • Matthew Wheatle

    Somebody asked me if I am going to church. I responded by saying, ” The only church I’m interested in going to is Westminster Abbey, not any churches in Jamaica.”
    The person asked me why.
    I replied, “Jamaican churches don’t respect Christ as much as I do. The don’t care much about truth, therefore their faith is erroneous. They are more concerned in money rather than HM, who is more important than money, and is The Head of State and Queen of Jamaica. Hence they don’t respect those of the right Faith, and therefore don’t respect HM, the Defender of the Faith.”
    I can’t wait to leave this town and go to London, England.

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