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70th wedding anniversary coin created for the Queen and Prince Philip

The Royal Mint has created a set of coins to commemorate the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip who were married on the 20 November 1947.

The exclusive collection includes the unusual feature of the pair being pictured together, which has not occurred on a UK coin in over a decade but seems fitting for a couple who have been together for such a long period of time.

The Duke of Edinburgh has stood by The Queen since the moment she began her reign, only retiring from public duty earlier this year at the age of 96.

The Royal Mint describes the range as a ‘story of love and loyalty’, this can be seen as seven decades of commitment between The Queen and Prince Philip as a couple and also between the pair and their country.

The coin shows the royal couple together smiling, with Prince Philip standing beside the Queen in an image created by Etienne Milner who wished to emphasise the supportive role Philip has as consort. The reverse of the coin shows the pair on horseback in a picture which was created by John Bergdahl who wished to express the couple’s joint love of horses. Bergdahl’s image is framed by the words ‘wedded love has joined them in happiness 1947-2017’.

The Queen and Prince Philip have been together since the days when Elizabeth was a young princess, and their marriage celebrations were restricted due to post-war rationing. After seven decades together raising a family and watching the world change around them, the couple will be the first British Royals to reach the Platinum wedding anniversary.

The set of collective coins are available in many finishes including gold and silver proof and fine silver, with prices starting at £13. The set will not be circulated and is only available as a collector’s item.


  • vegastearoom

    Such realistic wrinkly, withered and jowly images do not belong on coins. They belong in care homes’ dining halls for whom won the last tambola. Wretched.

    • Terry

      Wrinkly, withered and jowly are REAL LIFE. They DO belong on coins honoring a most remarkable couple. I am a professional caregiver for the elderly, and you are obviously someone who doesn’t give a damn about the elderly or anything they might be able to teach you.

      • vegastearoom

        We shall agree to disagree without the personal attacks.

  • Lady Martha

    A lovely coin for a lovely couple. I just wish the Queen’s jawline was smoother–as it is in real life! This will be a wonderful collector’s treasure.

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