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Three-year-old royal placed on crime watch database of ‘terrorists and money launderers’

An investigation by The Times newspaper has revealed that a three-year-old member of The Royal Family has ben placed on a “blacklist”, which is used by banks in the UK to identify potential terrorists and money launderers.

The royal in question is three-year-old Maud Windsor, the daughter of Lord Frederick Windsor & Sophie Winkleman, and granddaughter to Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

The so-called blacklist, which hasn’t been published under privacy laws, contains details of people suspected of being involved in terrorist activities, organised crime and money laundering.

The young royal is thought to be on the list because her family are minor public figures.

Miss Windsor, who is 42nd-in-line to the throne, was only nine months old when she was first listed on the database.

Others to be included on the list include minor public figures and unverified bloggers, according to The Times’ analysis.

One of these people listed is historian and former chairman of English Heritage, Sir Neil Cossons.said: “I’ve never been involved in any party political activities nor in money laundering.

He spoke to the newspaper, saying: “I’ve never been involved in any party political activities nor in money laundering.

“I am most concerned to have been identified in any capacity on World-Check.”

The media company, Thompson Reuters, are the people who compile the list. They have no obligation to inform people whether they have been included on the list, and why they have been denied services from banks. database, does not inform individuals if they are included and banks have no obligation to tell clients why they have been denied services. It declined to comment on why Maud was included or whether she was still

The company has declined to comment on whether Miss Windsor was included on the list, or indeed whether she was still on it.was included or whether she was still

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