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Diana, Princess of Wales’s necklace expected to bring in over $12 million at auction

It is hard to argue the undeniable fashion icon that was Diana, Princess of Wales.

Her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry know this and in memory of the 20th anniversary of her death this year are hosting a fashion exhibit at Kensington Palace suitably named, “Diana: Her Fashion Story”.

Not only focusing on her clothes, her jewellery is also embedded in the memory of many. One of her absolute favourites was the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara which the Duchess of Cambridge has worn on two occasions. Another iconic piece was “The Swan Lake necklace” which is now to go up for auction for much more than the owners paid.

Former Crown Jeweler, Garrard hand-crafted the necklace adorned with 178 diamonds and South Sea pearls. Diana stunned in the necklace and a blue mini dress to a performance of “Swan Lake” at London’s Royal Albert Hall in June of 1997. The ballet was one of her last public engagements before she was killed in a Paris car accident in August 1997.

Garrard was working on a matching pair of matching earring to “The Swan Lake necklace” but was never finished before her death.

Us Weekly is reporting that the auctioneers are expecting $12.1 million for the necklace, which would bring a hefty pay day to the Ukrainian couple who paid $630,000 for it.

Recently, letters wrote by Diana, Princess of Wales sold for over £15,000 through an auction by Cheffins Auctioneers, with one letter was estimating to bring in between £400-600 but sold for £3,200. Another letter sold for double its estimate – £2,400.

In an interview with the BBC, John Foster of Cheffins Auctioneers said, “One of the nice things about this collection is that it reveals the personal side. It’s not just thanking someone for an event; it’s things like the handwriting and the squiggly drawings.”

The necklace will be sold through auction house Guernsey’s.

  • luigi pasquali

    What in the world was Charles thinking about to dump Diana?

    • Howard T

      If you need to ask that question you know nothing of their difficult relationship or that he was in love with Camilla long before he and Diana got together at the instigation of the Queen Mother and Diana’s Grandmother(?) Lady Fermoy the QM’s lady in waiting.

      • luigi pasquali

        Thank you for the information. I can see you are a gentleman.

      • Cheryl Webb Clair

        Also by the bullying of Prince Philip and to some extent the Queen herself. Charles and Diana both had their doubts about the marriage beforehand. But the senior royals were dead anxious for an heir and images of the Duke of Windsor danced in their heads. They were afraid of another “playboy” POW. The marriage never had a chance and the d**n media didn’t help at all.

  • It’s a beautiful necklace! It has such amazing history as well.

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