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Six facts you may not know about Meghan Markle

Let’s hope this is the last time I have to write the ‘imminent engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’, but while we all wait around for the news, here are some fun facts about the woman who has captured Prince Harry’s heart. It is easy to see why he has fallen for her!

Meghan is not her real name

Just like Prince Harry, Meghan does not go by her real name. Many actors and actresses pick a screen name, one that has a better ring than their own. She was born Rachel Meghan Markle but decided to go with her middle name when entering Hollywood. ‘Harry’ is also not Prince Harry’s real name, he was born Henry Charles Albert David. Harry was a nickname that stuck!

She is one smart cookie!

Meghan has a double-degree in international relations and theatre from Northwestern University School of Communications where she graduated in 2003. Part of her schooling included work at the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires. She has previously said that she wouldn’t rule out heading back to the books for a master’s degree, however, that may be a lot to handle with her potential royal duties ahead.

Meghan already has the humanitarian side under control

It is no surprise that any member of the Royal Family must have their platforms to which they are passionate about and will ultimately dedicate their lives to. Meghan is already a very active humanitarian as a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada and has worked with the United Nations on their HeForShe Campaign.

And she has been a humanitarian for most her life!

At only 11-years-old, Meghan Markle wrote the then First Lady Hillary Clinton and other women in politics about a soap manufacturers advertisement that women belonged in the kitchen. Meghan came out on top when the company changed the ad.

Ellen DeGeneres has influence over her

During an interview with Best Health magazine, Meghan spoke about how she came to adopt her pup, Bogart. The talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres happened to be there at the same time and persuaded Meghan to take home the Lab/Shepherd mix. Although, I am sure if Ellen told any of us to take a dog home we would listen!

Meghan is a style star

The stylish actress ran a lifestyle blog, The Tig, which she shut down earlier this year.  On the site, she and her team helped readers achieve the effortless style Meghan excudes from her clothes to the food she cooks. Meghan also co-designed a line for the Canadian fashion chain, Reitmans. The line, which was popular before, quickly sold out when it was announced she was dating Prince Harry.

She loves a good fashion book

Before she went silent on Instagram, Meghan’s page was filled with gorgeous books. From Grace: A Memoir, a book by the former creative director of Vogue, The Coveteur and In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine. 

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