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Prince Harry almost didn’t go to Afghanistan because of The Queen

The Queen nearly stopped Prince Harry from going abroad to serve in Afghanistan.

The Daily Express reports that The Queen feared that Harry’s life would be in grave danger if he served a second tour in Afghanistan.

A high-ranked military source revealed The Queen was worried that Prince Harry would be a target for the Taliban. She joined into discussions with the Army over whether Prince Harry could be deployed to a war zone.

When Prince Harry was first meant to be deployed to Iraq there was a massive debate over whether or not he could be deployed. There were numerous concerns for the safety of Prince Harry and the potential damage to Britain’s morale that could stem from him being killed or kidnapped. Prince Harry was designated a high-value target.

Prince Harry himself said that he would leave the army if he was forced to stay in safety while his regiment went to war.

It was decided he would serve, however, this decision was later changed after several groups made threats against him. Prince Harry was disappointed by the decision

His first deployment was to Afghanistan for ten weeks. This deployment was kept top secret, the ambassador in Kabul was not even informed. However, Australian and German media breached the blackout.

Harry’s second deployment was for a period of 20 months.

The Queen expressed concerns for his saftey and the worries of him being a high-value target.

The Queen raised concerns over local contractors during his second deployment. A source told the Daily Mail that “She very clearly knew that local civilians were employed for catering and cleaning”

“the Taliban had only to threaten the family of one of these workers for something to be attempted.”

Prince Harry’s deployment meant he was the first member of the Royal Family to serve in an active war zone since Prince Andrew who flew helicopters in 1982 during the Falklands conflict.


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