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Former “Suits” co-star describes Meghan as being lovely and generous

One of Meghan’s former co-stars on the American television drama Suits has revealed that Meghan was a fan of one of her earlier works. Before playing the role of Katrina Bennett in Suits, Amanda Schull starred in Center Stage, a 2002 film which portrayed the struggle of ballet dancers as they strove towards a hoped-for place at the American Ballet School. Amanda revealed in an interview with US Weekly that when she joined the Suits cast, Meghan said how much she liked the film and asked her many questions about it which she really enjoyed answering.

She went on to say how friendly Meghan was on-set. When the cameras were rolling, she was the paralegal, Rachel Zane, but when any pauses came, she was curious to find out what was going on in Amanda’s life and very open about what was going on in hers. At the same time that Meghan announced she was leaving the hit series and switching roles from actress to princess, her co-star on Suits also decided to leave the show. Patrick J. Adams played Mike Ross, a character who is engaged to Rachel, in the show. Amanda said she was surprised, but that both of them had projects that they wanted to work on. She added that they were also both really lovely people and you can see watching the show that there is clear on-screen chemistry between everyone which helps give that air of realism and explain why it is the hit show it has become.

Amanda’s glowing praise of Meghan also illustrates something that the people of the United Kingdom have found as Prince Harry has given her a whistle-stop tour of the United Kingdom in the run-up to the wedding.  She describes her as someone who is an open, lovely and generous person – right from the moment they first met. Such a trait must be a winner for someone who with Prince Harry will have to put people at ease very quickly, from the person on the street they meet at a walkabout to foreign leaders and members of other royal families. Prince Harry is a very lucky man!

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