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Editors’ name guesses for Baby Sussex

Another royal baby means another flurry of bets on the name of the child. Royal Central’s editors have given their personal predictions below for the name of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child due in spring 2019:

Jamie Samhan, Deputy Editor

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a girl, my guess is Amelia Frances Doria. Amelia because a lady in Sydney got the name stuck in my head, Frances for Diana’s middle name and Doria for her own mother.

Should it be a boy, I’m going with James Thomas Andrew. I just really like the name James (plus it is my nickname, Andrew for Prince Philip’s middle name and even though her relationship with her father is strained, he played an important part in her life for so long she might want to work at repairing that relationship.

Moniek Bloks, Assistant Editor

The previous Duke of Sussex had two (illegitimate) children who had the names Augustus Frederick and Augusta Emma (running out of ideas, I guess?). Though I am going to assume that Augustus and Augusta are too far out there, I do quite like Emma. I expect they will throw in an Elizabeth as a nod to the Queen and perhaps a nod to Harry’s stepmother with a Rosemary?

So for a girl, I am going to guess Emma Elizabeth Rosemary.

A forgotten royal boy name is John, long thought to be unlucky. Diana, Princess of Wales’s father, also happened to be called John so perhaps they will turn the name’s luck around. I expect there will be a nod to Harry’s father if it’s a boy, so I’ll add a Charles for that. I am not expecting Meghan’s father’s name to be mentioned, but perhaps they will surprise us. Adding Philip to the name would be a nice touch.

So for a boy, I am to guess John Charles Philip.

Brittani Barger, Europe Editor

For a boy, I’m guessing Jacob Philip Alvin. I think they will go with a name that is less traditional in royal circles for the first name, and Jacob was in the top 10 of boy baby names in 2018. The middle names honour the Duke of Sussex’s paternal grandfather, Prince Philip and the Duchess of Sussex’s maternal grandfather, Alvin Ragland.

For a girl, my guess is Isabella Diana Jeanette/Doria. Isabella is a variation of Elizabeth, which could be a way of paying tribute to Her Majesty The Queen. The second name goes without saying; I think the Duke and Duchess will want to honour Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales if it is a girl. I don’t think his niece, Princess Charlotte, having Diana as a middle name will stop them from using it for their daughter, as well. Meghan could honour her maternal grandmother, Jeanette Ragland, by giving their daughter Jeanette as a middle name, as well. Alternatively, I can easily see the Duke and Duchess honouring Meghan’s mother, Doria in the middle name.

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