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Duchess of Sussex’s cookbook makes over half a million pounds for Grenfell survivors

The “Together” cookbook, an initiative of the Duchess of Sussex, has sold 130,000 copies worldwide (as of March 2019), making £557,638 for the Grenfell survivors.

It was hoped, at the time of the cookbook’s release, that it would sell at least 50,000 copies making roughly over a quarter of a million pounds for the Hubb Community Kitchen. Instead, the book sold over twice that number and made over half a million pounds.

Photo by Jenny Zarins via Getty Images

The Royal Foundation will hold the funds to reinvest in the kitchen. The women who worked on ‘Together’ have gained 23 qualifications, as well.

‘Together: Out Community Cookbook’ showcases over 50 recipes from women whose community was affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, which took place on 14 June 2017.

It was supported by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and contributed £232,551 to assist the people of the Hubb Community Kitchen housed in the Al Manaar mosque. This excluding an additional £28,520 that was used to help with training and development schemes.

Regarding this, the annual financial report by the foundation says, “In her first programme with The Royal Foundation, The Duchess of Sussex worked closely with the women she’d met at the Hubb Community Kitchen.

“As she established her new home in London, Her Royal Highness saw the power and vibrancy of this community and suggested they create a cookbook together to raise money.

“The proceeds have already provided funding to renovate the kitchen and enable it to open throughout the week.”

Photo by Jenny Zarins via Getty Images

They continued, “By March 2019, 130,000 copies of the Together Cookbook had been sold worldwide.

“The women have been working with the social enterprise charity, UnLtd to develop their own plans and ideas to support others in the wider community.”

The Duchess of Sussex chose the cookbook as her first solo charity project and wrote the forward to the highly popular book.

The Grenfell Tower – a 24-storey building housing flats – caught fire on 14 June 2017 and was ablaze for 72 hours. The West London fire killed 72 people and injured over 70 more.

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