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Stolen Royal tribute to Aberfan memorial returned

Last Friday, the Prince of Wales traveled to Aberfan to pay his respects on the 144 victims on the 50th anniversary of the disaster. The tragedy claimed the lives of 116 children and 28 adults. It also destroyed homes and a school. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Aberfan just four days after the horrible event.

The Prince spoke with survivors and met with those who lost loved ones a half century ago. He also read a message of support and remembrance from Her Majesty. Even now, the Queen spoke of this disaster as though it happened just yesterday. She recognised that for many, it still feels this way.

The Prince also laid a wreath with a handwritten tribute in the memorial garden. Come Sunday, though, this Royal tribute was found to have been stolen. The bilingual missive read: “In continuing memory and deepest sympathy.”

As word of the missing tribute spread, so did people’s outrage. Prince Charles arranged for a replacement note to be sent; it arrived on Thursday. By this time however, the tribute’s thief gained a sliver of conscience. They returned the original note to the local police station. There is no word on the identity of the tribute snatcher. And the people of Aberfan may never know who stole it.

David Davies, the Chairman of trustees at the Aberfan Memorial Charity said: “We’re delighted that the original has been returned. We wish it hadn’t been taken in the first place.

“In the meantime, in any event, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales had kindly already made arrangements to provide a second card.”

  • luigi pasquali

    Prince Charles will make a fine King. He has matured greatly since his marriage to Camilla.

  • Elizabeth Pease

    Strange the thief didn’t take the wreath along with the original note. Oh well, at least the original note is back where it belongs.

    • Kathleen Ames

      Couldn’t sell the wreath but he/she could keep the note for the future.

      • Elizabeth Pease

        Change ofheart, maybe or, if as you said, couldn’t sell the wreath, so why bother to keep the letter?

        • Kathleen Ames

          Because the note is worth big money of course!

          • Elizabeth Pease

            I didn’t know that. I’m American. The Presidents here only put wreaths out for Memorial Day, Patriot’s Day(Sept.11), and Veteran’s Day. Sept. 11, the names of the victims at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania are read off lists and a bell is rung for every name. The only notes left behind are from private citizens.

          • Kathleen Ames

            No. Problem. Actually it is similar here. Armistice Day in November and very special ceremonies only but often the wreaths are then wired up high or behind barriers. This was a very tragic accident and presumably the powers that be did not expect anyone to be so irreverent or callous as to steal from the memorial. It just shows nothing is sacred any more. Sad.

          • Elizabeth Pease

            Yes, it is very sad. I hope your new Prime Mnister does a better job at averting such tragedies. The two dolts trying to get elected in my country are going to ruin it, whichever wins.

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