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Prince Charles says no fossil fuel holding in his private investments and charitable trusts

The Prince of Wales has become the latest person to ignore fossil fuel company holdings in both his private investments and charitable trusts.

Prince Charles is practicing what he preaches when it comes to  climate-related investments.

Prince Charles is practicing what he preaches when it comes to climate-related investments.

Prince Charles has joined a number of organisations and individuals who are divesting assets relating to oil, gas and coal companies, according to the Financial Times.

The National Trust, the Church of England and the universities of Oxford and Edinburgh are examining their shares in fossil fuel companies, as well.

Although his finances are not publicly discussed, a source from Buckingham Palace told the Financial Times that the Charles’s private investments and charitable foundation “do not have any fossil fuel holdings.”

As far as the Duchy of Cornwall is concerned, a spokesperson commented that: “The Duchy of Cornwall does not have any direct hydrocarbon investments. A review of collective investments is currently being undertaken.”

The Duchy covers a vast 53,154 hectares of land, with the majority in the South West of England and is managed by the Duke of Cornwall.

Charles uses a considerable portion of the Duchy income to cover the costs of his charitable and public work. In 2012 over £100 million was raised with the help from Charles for his charities. The Duchy income also provides for the costs of the public, private and charitable activities of The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Charles is a keen supporter of climate change and environmental issues.

During his recent visit to the United States, he noted the need for conservation was necessary in order to secure “ecosystem resilience”.

The Prince’s ardent support of the environment led designer Vivienne Westwood to pay tribute to Charles at her Milan fashion show this past January.

“If Prince Charles had ruled the world according to his priorities during the last 30 years, we would be all right, and we would be tackling climate change,” said Westwood.

Westwood, who is an environmental campaigner, anti-monarchist, anti-establishment, and the godmother of punk put a picture of Charles on a t-shirt as part of her new menswear line.

Photo Credit: Dan Marsh via Fickr

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