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Prince Charles and Camilla’s Private Secretary resigns

The Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, Mark Leishman, has resigned.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Leishman has left the role to move on to new opportunities, however, he is the fourth key royal aide to resign within the space of a few weeks.

Mr Leishman became Private Secretary to Charles and Camilla in 2009.

Prior to this, he had been Senior Deputy Private Secretary at Clarence House and has worked for Prince Charles since 2003.14 years ago, he joined Clarence House an Assistant Private Secretary with responsibility for HRH’s interests in Education, Health and in Scotland.

14 years ago, he joined Clarence House an Assistant Private Secretary with responsibility for the Prince’s interests in Education, Health and in Scotland.

Before working for The Royal Family, Mr Leishman worked for the BBC where he was Head of Public Policy for the Nations and Regions in London. Early on in his career, he worked for local newspapers and radio, before becoming a BBC News Presenter.

A wave of senior palace officials have resigned in the past couple of weeks. A few weeks ago, Buckingham Palace announced that Edward Young would become Her Majesty’s new Private Secretary replacing Sir Christopher Geidt.

The Queen’s Assistant Private Secretary, Samantha Cohen, also resigned following the announcement of Sir Christopher’s departure.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Private Secretary, Rebecca Priestly, has also left her position.

Sources from the Royal Household say that more resignations of senior staff in the Royal Households follow.

Sir Christopher has long fought to unify the households. However, this has not always gone to plan. Recent attempts to get merge the press offices of Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace has been a notable favour.

Miguel Head, Prince William’s Private Secretary, has served the Cambridge’s for a decade. He has, however, said he never intended to be a “palace lifter” and that he “feels his time is up”. However, Kensington Place has insisted he has not quit.

Edward Lane Fox, Prince Harry’s private secretary, is also said to be considering to leave.

  • I wonder why…. hm.

  • StephChaz

    It would be nice if someone ‘spell checked’ before posting. I assume Miguel Head did not want to be a ‘palace lifer’ and spend his whole working life there. As a ‘lifter’ he would definitely get a hernia lifting a palace….. And why is there so much interest in staff? As the Queen reduces her schedule – and as far as I am concerned she has more than done her duty to the nation and having passed 90 should be able to retire from her engagements and let the younger generation fill the gap. Staff changes all the time in the everyday world – so why should such a fuss be made if staff feel they have been in their positions long enough.

  • Kathy

    Can’t imagine serving self-serving picky sensitive Charles and his cigarette smoking and drinking Camilla. All they seem to do is attend where they can drink and taste something. Charles will be shoved down our throats and drag Camilla along with him. All this after being so jealous of his beautiful, fun, and honest wife who made him look much better to the public (Diana, of course) that he wanted to be free of her. Justice I guess come from having a son who is chasing a divorced American Jewish negro. Diana would be horrified.

    • Nelly

      Are we racist, by any chance ? As for Diana’s honesty, what have you been snorting ? She had affairs , starting with her riding master, gave birth to Harry later so that to this day, there are those who question who his real father is. That was definitely before Camilla came back. Diana’s young body guard, and many others; she was a self cutter, hysterical, and even her own family admits that she had trouble telling the truth. She knew what she was getting into, her family spent Christmas at Sandringham for years, she and her brother played with the younger Royals, Edward and Andrew. She was not the innocent at all.Ordinary women would have been outed as little sluts at the very least. Keep the legend going with your blinders on, if you want, but the truth is there an d one day it will all come out.

      • lmgill2

        Harry was born before her affair. Please stop suggesting otherwise. The idiot who sold her out to make money even admitted that their affair started when Harry was a toddler.

        • lmgill2

          I do agree that Diana is definitely not honest. She set out to destroy Charles so anything she said is suspect. She wanted things to look as bad as possible for him.


      My goodness. As an American, I would never, ever have used the phrase “divorced American Jewish negro” lest I be accused of being judgemental, biased, bigoted and, most of all, racist.

  • lmgill2

    The people who recently resigned have been in service for many years. They may really just be seeking new challenges in their careers or less challenges. Stop making it seem otherwise with the headlines. People change jobs all the time its not sensational.

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