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Prince Charles and Camilla to visit the Amazon

Since publishing this article, Royal Central has learned per Clarence House that The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall plan to undertake official visits to Colombia and Mexico later this year. Further details will be released in due course.

The Columbian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has announced that The Prince of Wales will be visiting his country in October this year.

The announcement was made during a ceremony on Tuesday, as the President signed an international treaty to protect the marshlands of the Estrella Fluvial de Inirida River, a 700,000-acre site in Colombia, though there is no word on the potential trip from Clarence House as of yet.


It is expected that Charles will visit the Chiribiquete National Park, which has been doubled in size, making it Columbia’s largest national park. The park sits across two country’s southern states, Guaviare and Caqueta, is considered one of the most important centres of cultural heritage, ecology and biodiversity on the planet.

This park, now the size of Belgium, was placed under government protection in the early 1990s, after some perfectly preserved cliff paintings were discovered, dating back to 18,000 BC. Environmentalists and archaeologists now claim the area contains the most complicated river network in the Amazon, as well as some unique ecological micro-systems and climates; Colombia’s fresh water system also produces a huge amount of the planet’s oxygen.

Within the park, live four indigenous tribes, believed to be among the oldest on the continent; additionally, there are an estimated 41 species of reptiles, 49 amphibians, 145 birds, 209 butterflies in Chiribiquete and at least 13 species of mammals are under threat of extinction, hence the project to conserve these animals and tribes.

Prince Charles is an avid conservationist, and his foundation, The Prince of Wales Foundation, supports work with charities like The Prince’s Rain forests Project, Jal Bhagirathi Foundation, and World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). This passion also saw Charles Purchase Dumfries House in Scotland for the Nation, and help with its renovation. The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duke of Cambridge also share Charles’s passion for conservation.

It is not yet known whether the focus of the trip will be tourism or a diplomacy; Royal Central will, of course, keep you updated on any news.

photo credit: YT Blue via photopin cc

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